Fire Glass Sizes

Standard fire glass comes in a variety of sizes for any gas fire feature, though our experts recommend half-inch diameter for most outdoor fire pits—it’s easier and more economic. Smaller sizes, like quarter-inch or half-inch, offer better heat distribution and a consistent flame. That said, some prefer the aesthetic of larger glass pieces as they provide a more bold appearance. Different sizes possess different weights and volumes, so you’ll need to calculate how much you need for your fire pit. Thankfully, our Fire Glass Calculator does that math for you.

Accessible Text Version for Fire Glass Sizes Infographic

Accessibility Text Version for Fire Glass Sizes Infographic

Here’s a helpful size comparison chart to guide your fire glass buying journey.

  • The width of a penny is 0.75 inches.
  • The infographic displays the visual width of a penny compared to a two-and-a-half-inch slide rule, with markers for each diameter of fire glass.
  • One-fourth-inch diameter fire glass is about the width of one-third of one penny.
  • One-half-inch diameter fire glass is about the width of two-thirds of one penny.
  • Three-fourths-inch diameter fire glass is about the width of one penny.
  • A one-inch diameter fire glass is about the width of one and one-third pennies.
  • A two-inch diameter fire glass is approximately the width of two and a half pennies.

Fire Glass Shapes

Where fire glass comes in many sizes, there are also different shapes of fire media. There’s no shortage of them: glass nuggets, beads, cubes—the list goes on. As to which shape of fire media you should buy, that depends completely on personal preference and the overall décor of your outdoor space. It’s also worth mentioning that many shapes can be mixed together for an especially eye-catching display.

Reflective vs. Non-Reflective Fire Glass

It’s also important to consider aesthetics when deciding whether to go for reflective or non-reflective fire glass. Again, this is very much a matter of preference, but both types differ in their appearance and how they interact with light. Let’s explore why that is.

Reflective Fire Glass

Reflective fire glass is treated and polished on one side, which bounces light like a mirror. Place this polish facing a flame, and the fire’s light will reflect through shimmering glass and produce a dancing effect. This is especially complementary to features that incorporate different types of fire media, logs, and other décor. Mix colors of reflective fire glass, or pair it with stainless steel, and the reflective fire glass will do all the heavy lifting in your mesmerizing centerpiece.

Non-Reflective Fire Glass

Without the mirror’s edge, light penetrates throughout non-reflective glass to swap that glistening glimmer for softer ambience. If you plan to use a single color of glass, especially black, this is your better choice. Non-reflective fire glass blends flame lights to showcase a somber aesthetic. Use this glass with smaller fire bowls or fire urns to maximize atmosphere. And remember: you can mix reflective and non-reflective glass.

How Much Fire Glass Do I Need?

To know exactly how much fire glass is needed to fill your fire feature, you’ll need the physical dimensions of that feature. Once you’ve got those measurements, plug them right into that Fire Glass Calculator for your exact volume needed. We recommend piling fire glass no higher than 1–2 inches over the top of the burner. Any further and you’ll make that flame work harder to push through the glass. Always consult those owner’s manuals for further details.

Other Types of Fire Pit Decor

In addition to the shapes and sizes of your fire glass there are accessories available to you and your fire pit. These decorative elements—such as fire pit branches, stones, and lava rocks—hold up to high heat without discoloring or cracking, enhancing your set piece with a personalized finish. As most fire pit décor appears as natural elements use them thoughtfully to build displays or scenes that enhance your outdoor space.

About Fire Glass Colors

Fire glass colors come in a seemingly never-ending spectrum. While we invite you to think differently, our design experts tell us the most popular colors of fire glass ordered by our other clients are black, clear, copper, and blue. Be sure to check out our Free Outdoor Living Design service, where our experts can help you find the perfect fire glass to complement your fire feature. Trust our guidance and you’ll have that toasty, romantic, downright evocative firelight in no time!