BBQGuys® Donates Essential Items to Aid Homeless Veterans

To honor the men and women who have served in the U.S. Military, BBQGuys partnered with the Volunteers of America’s Greater Baton Rouge Garfield House to provide basic necessities for veterans transitioning from homelessness as well as those still without housing. BBQGuys employees donated 25 individually packaged supply bags containing socks, blankets, water bottles, cleansing wipes, sunblock, snacks, ponchos, bus passes, and more — over $2,500 worth of essential items for veterans in need of assistance. BBQGuys also gifted a Victory pellet grill, pellets and cash for groceries to the Garfield House and the 8 men currently residing there. The veterans, along with volunteers from VOA and BBQGuys, celebrated Veterans Day together with a backyard barbecue at the Garfield House.

BBQGuys began the year by reevaluating corporate social responsibility, with a renewed focus on affecting positive change in social, economic, and environmental spaces. Our social efforts tie back to the unwavering belief that food, shelter, and a sense of belonging aren’t just key ingredients for a great BBQ — they’re also universal human rights. Yet the veteran community is disproportionately affected by hunger and homelessness; according to the Military Times, veterans account for 8% of Americans without permanent housing despite making up roughly 6% of the country’s population.

“We wanted to continue our mission of alleviating hunger and homelessness in the community with a special focus on those who’ve served in our armed forces,” said Cullen Boudreaux, BBQGuys Creative Director and Community Outreach Coordinator. “The hard work of the wonderful people at the Garfield House perfectly aligns with our corporate sustainability goals, and we see it as a privilege to be able to make material contributions while also raising awareness about veterans experiencing homelessness. Veterans Day is a time to honor the brave men and women who’ve served our country, and we see it as our duty to give more than a simple ‘thank you.’”

The Garfield House is Baton Rouge’s base for the Veterans Transitional Housing program, which “provides housing to homeless veterans who have a mental illness or who are dually diagnosed with a substance abuse problem.” It’s staffed by Case Managers who ensure veterans receive entitled benefits, employment assistance, and basic aid in housing, food, and clothing.

To learn more, read’s facts about homeless veterans.