10 Essential Boat Grill Accessories

  • Like any good skipper needs a crew of reliable deckhands, your boat grill benefits from loyal cooking accessories that handle their tasks when called upon. But instead of unfurling the sails and battening down the hatches — of course we know what that means; why do you ask? — boat grill accessories serve integral roles that maximize your nautical nosh. Want to grill that fresh catch without fear of it falling apart? Try a grill basket. Looking to diversify your on-the-water menu? Invest in grilling cookware. Vengefully searching the seven seas for an aquatic giant that maimed you on a past voyage? There isn’t a boat grill accessory for that, but we do know of a Herman Melville novel that might be of interest to you.

    Our expert-selected accessories are about more than just cooking, though. We included cleaning necessities to preserve the life of your boat grill, mounts for safe and steady use in even the roughest waters, and lights that guide your grilled greatness into harbor (metaphorically meaning your mouth, of course). From port to starboard and bow to stern, all 10 accessories featured here have a part to play in your sailing sizzle. All they need is a captain who knows how to put them to work.

  • Traeger Big Game Blend all natural hardwood pellets
  • Magma Boat Grill Mount
  • Boat Grill Mounts

    Without a sturdy mount securing your grill to the ship, you’re quite literally playing with fire. You never know when a rough wave (whether natural or from an impolite fellow seafarer) can give your boat an unexpected jolt, knocking your piping-hot cooking machine onto the deck — or into the water. Neither outcome screams “family fun on the ocean,” so it pays to make sure you’re ready for the uncertainties of sailing with a boat grill mount. They come in a variety of styles, are easy to install, and are durable enough to withstand marine environments.

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  • Weber Griddle for outdoor cooking
  • Outdoor Cookware

    Not every grilled meal on the water has to be burgers or steaks over the fire, especially if you’re setting out on a lengthy trip (as long as you’re not hunting for that white whale; trust it, it always ends badly). The easiest way to shake up your nautical grilling is with a set of cookware, be it pots, pans, grill racks, or even griddles so you can whip up breakfast while watching the sunrise over the horizon. We’re partial to Magma cookware sets , which are made of marine-grade material and nest together to save you valuable packing and storage space.

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  • Weber Grill Basket with fish and vegetables
  • Grill Baskets

    Last time we checked, being in a boat usually means you’re surrounded by fish. Do you know what’s perfect for grilling fish? Grill baskets! It’s crucial to clamp your catch so it doesn’t fall apart over the flames, which is exactly what some grill baskets are designed to do. Even if you’d rather admire the aquatic life than catch and cook it, these accessories also come in handy for delicate veggies and other foods that can’t quite handle intense heat. (And if you get the idea to use a grill basket as a net for true sea-to-sear sourcing, please don’t.)

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  • Cuisinart BBQ Tool Set
  • Grilling Tool Sets

    Grilling on a boat might be a novel experience — no, not the Herman Melville kind — but the process remains the same no matter where you are. More specifically, you’ll have trouble doing it without a good set of grilling tools! From tongs and spatulas to basting brushes and meat forks, keeping your vessel stocked with essential BBQ tools is a must if you plan to grill on the water. It’s not like you can sail down to the store for grilling tools or scoop them up at your local marina, so make sure you’ve got this taken care of before you leave the docks.

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  • MEATER+ Extended Range Wireless Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer
  • BBQ Thermometers

    As we noted in the previous section, the rules of grilling don’t change just because you’re flexing your sea legs. There’s only one way to ensure your food is cooked to an internal temperature that’s safe for consumption, and that’s through the use of a grill thermometer. For boating purposes, it’s wise to invest in a wireless thermometer so you can steer the ship or enjoy some downtime on deck while still keeping an eye on your food’s doneness. Don’t skip over this BBQ accessory; if you think seasickness is bad, try having food poisoning far from land.

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  • Outset Leather Grill Gloves and Apron
  • BBQ Aprons & Gloves

    Move over, mariner’s cap — there’s grill garb that needs donning. In addition to their incomparable style, grill gloves and cooking aprons will keep you safe from hot splatter that inevitably occurs when grilling. Just imagine the messy alternative: burned hands unable to work the rigging or steering wheel, and a grease-stained shirt that might cause a mutiny among your fashion-forward crew. With insulative materials providing maximum coverage, however, you're free to enjoy the best parts of boat grilling with no fear of wayward grease ruining the fun.

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  • Napoleon Grill Scraper Brush
  • Grill Brushes & Scrapers

    Though boat grills are purposely engineered to be used in marine environments, they still need the same love and care you’d show any other outdoor cooker. That means frequently cleaning your grill grates , which soak up plenty of food debris every time you get a hankering for open-water chow. Despite the myth that a dirty grill is a flavorful grill, what that actually gets you is corroded materials and a harder time cooking. A good grill brush or scraper is all you need for quick cooking-surface cleanup after each session, a best practice in any setting.

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  • Magma Magic Grill Cleaner
  • Grill Cleaners

    The exterior of your boat grill will also take a bit of a beating from multiple angles: the saltwater environment, splattering grease, seagulls that have clearly never heard of a bathroom. To keep it looking like new and give the stainless steel a helping hand in its fight against corrosion, simply apply a grill cleaning solution to the material. If you’re cooking on a Magma boat grill, the best way to maintain its mirror-polished finish is with Magma grill restorer; otherwise, find a grill cleaner that works for you and make sure it’s always on board.

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  • Weber Grill Light
  • Grill Lights

    Your boat should be well lit for excursions that last past sundown, but is your grill? Trying to cook with fire on a vessel is tricky enough even in broad daylight — remember, that’s why boat grills are their own Thing™ — so it’s important to make sure you never get caught grilling in the dark. You can find several grill attachments that illuminate your cooking surface, along with some nifty lighting options built into BBQ tool handles. Whatever you decide, never leave the docks without a proverbial lighthouse to help you find your way to safer grilling.

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  • Traeger Grill Cover over a Traeger Pellet Grill
  • Grill Covers

    It’s always wise to protect your investments — you own a boat, so you know this better than pretty much anyone! The best way to safeguard your boat grill is by doing exactly what you would with any other grill: keeping it covered. Seriously, you’d be surprised how much damage a grill can sustain when left to the elements, much less the brutally harsh conditions of marine climates. A well-fitting, high-quality boat grill cover will shield your precious cooker from ocean spray, curious marine birds, and anything else your watery wonderland can throw at it.

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