Lump Charcoal

Simply put, lump charcoal is better than charcoal briquettes in every way. That’s because it’s made of pure carbon with no additives, which give off a chemical taste and smell when burned inside a grill. Charcoal briquettes, meanwhile, are usually loaded with unknown additives in the form of chemical accelerants. Lump charcoal is also more responsive to oxygen, creating a longer and hotter burn along with a more manageable fire (if your grill has air vents). Shop Lump Charcoal

Charcoal Ash Tool

Charcoal grilling is straightforward enough as it is — arrange the coals, get them lit, then turn your cuts of meat into culinary feats. But a multi-use charcoal ash tool makes things even simpler, serving several purposes for backyard grillers who want no-hassle BBQ. This convenient accessory is great for moving charcoal around to create an indirect heat setup and scraping the bottom of the grill when cleaning. Want to make removing ash even easier? An ash vaccuum makes quick work of cleaning your charcoal grill. Shop Charcoal Ash Tool

Charcoal Chimney

For quick and safe charcoal lighting, it’s hard to beat a chimney starter. All you have to do is stack lump charcoal on the grate inside the metal cylinder, light crumpled newspaper in the space below the grate, and wait for the coals to begin glowing. From there, just pour the lit coals in the chimney onto the unlit coals in your grill. This accessory will save you from having to purchase and use lighter fluid — which leaves behind an unpleasant chemical taste and odor — while allowing you to safely light your grill in no time. Shop Charcoal Chimney

Electric Charcoal Starters

There’s more than one way to light charcoal (besides using lighter fluid, of course). Another one of our favorite methods is an electric charcoal starter, such as the Looftlighter, that lights fuel in just minutes. These charcoal starters use either flames or a stream of hot air to safely ignite coals, resulting in a reliable startup for every cookout. Aside from lighting fuel without giving off a chemical flavor, electric charcoal starters make it possible to spend more time entertaining guests and enjoying the pleasures of outdoor cooking. Shop Electric Charcoal Starters

BBQ Thermometer

Whether you’re trying to measure the temperature of your food or your grill’s cooking surface, thermometers are arguably the most important tools a griller can have. A meat thermometer is a must-have because it’s the only way to guarantee food is safe to eat, and some models even come as wireless probes that send temperature readings to a smartphone app. To get instant readouts of surface temperatures, simply point an infrared surface thermometer at the grill grates and pull the trigger (who doesn’t love playing with lasers?). Shop BBQ Thermometer

Pizza Grilling Kit

Tired of cooking the same old steaks and burgers on your charcoal grill? A pizza stone might be exactly what you need to shake up your grilling routine and wow guests at the next neighborhood cookout. Beyond infusing pizza with wood-fired flavors, these accessories act as heat deflectors that let you bake and roast different foods in your grill just as you would with an indoor oven. So fire up the grill for a delicious twist on pizza night and start a new family tradition — it’s just one more reason to love outdoor living! Shop Pizza Grilling Kit

Grill Racks & Toppers

If you want to get the most out of your charcoal pit, we have no shortage of grill racks and toppers that can help you cook like never before. We’ve long enjoyed making breakfast on the grill, and a griddle is all you need to whip up eggs, bacon, and even pancakes to start the day off right. Chicken roasters are essential for grilling juicy whole chickens, while rib racks can be the key to evenly roasted meat. And if you’re feeling adventurous, ceramic or metallic oyster shells will bring restaurant-quality charbroiled oysters to your backyard. Shop Grill Racks & Toppers

Grilling Tools

No grill is complete without a set of tools, and we’re not just talking about your everyday tongs and spatulas. With a basting brush and a few good sauces, your low-and-slow BBQ can reach new levels of mouth-watering goodness. You’ll also need a meat fork or two to handle those large cuts, while skewers give you the flexibility to grill smaller food items like shrimp or kebabs. We offer several bundles featuring standard grilling tools (along with other essentials like grill gloves and cutlery), so make sure you have everything you need before you fire up the pit. Shop Grilling Tools

Grill Brush

You won’t get much out of the other accessories on this list if you don’t regularly use this one. A dirty grill will wear down quickly, so having a quality grill brush is necessary for keeping it clean to extend its lifespan as much as possible. Additionally, a detailing brush allows you to clean smaller, hard-to-reach areas within the grill. Just be sure to always check for loose bristles before scrubbing and to discard the brush head if you find even the slightest wiggle — bristles can break off, stick to the grill grates, and cause serious harm when eaten. Shop Grill Brush

Grill Lights

You should never have to stop grilling just because it’s dark outside. In fact, some of our favorite cookouts have lasted well into the evening, which is why LED grill lights are among the most important accessories a charcoal enthusiast can have at their disposal. They come in many configurations, such as clip-on or magnetized sets of overhead lights that provide visibility of your entire grilling surface. Some grill lights can even be attached to tools likes spatulas and tongs. No matter what type of lighting you prefer, you’ll always be able to keep the party going. Shop Grill Lights