Building an outdoor kitchen, are we? Stressed about it? Need to… vent? Even if you don’t (let us commend your pun tolerance), your kitchen will — because appropriate ventilation solves a lot of its worst problems. For one, wafting smoke isn’t fantastic around the guests (and that’s after already interfering with your own breathing). However, there is a slightly bigger concern outside of comfort. Your house is probably quite flammable, and ventilation prevents your expensive investment from turning into a large explosive planted right next to it.

Don’t fret. While vent hoods might seem complicated, you can get ahead of the curve with a few simple rules of thumb. In our quest for such rules of thumb, we consulted our hardworking service representatives for their most common customer questions. Read on and you, too, can gain peace of mind and confidence in your outdoor kitchen project. Have questions not listed here? Our outdoor ventilation experts are standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to answer all your outdoor living questions.

Common Outdoor Ventilation Questions

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