Austin, Texas: Whiskey & BBQ in Hill Country
On the Go with BBQGuys, Episode 8

In this episode of On the Go with BBQGuys, Blaine is on a mission with three objectives in mind: drink great Irish whiskey, eat incredible local Texan barbecue, and break bread with a local madman. Don’t we all wish we were that lucky? Taking Grill Master Randy along for the ride, watch as these two join forces with Modern Rogue for a whirlwind adventure in the heart of Austin, Texas! They’ll stroll past a castle, step through a bank vault door and pull off one beauty of a heist, and — if they’re really lucky — sit down to dine as the natives do at a historic restaurant that thrives 45 minutes out of town. Oh, you want more? Well, of course there’s more! Tune in and see for yourself!

Special thanks to: The Modern Rogue, Whiskey Tribe and The Whiskey Vault