Best Outdoor Ice Makers for 2024

Which Outdoor Ice Maker is Right for You?

We’ve all been on the way to a big party or cookout, just minutes away from the destination, when that dreaded text buzzes on the phone: “Can you pick up ice?” The only thing worse than receiving that request is having to send it, and the only thing worse than that is having to make a run for ice in the middle of a party. All that fuss over ice, when you could’ve just had an outdoor ice maker take care of it for you this whole time!

Only the best will do for our customers, so our experts took the time to sort our collection of ice makers and give you a clearer picture of which models stand above the rest. After more than 20 years of testing and selling every type of outdoor living product on the market, our experts have landed on an airtight system of evaluating them according to their quality, performance, and features. They applied that methodology to every single outdoor ice maker in our inventory, giving our finest models the chance to rise to the top. With one of our top-rated outdoor ice makers in your backyard, emergency trips to the store for ice will be a thing of the past.

  • Quality - When judging pellet grills, our experts look for thicker insulation and materials that hold temperatures steady, tight seals and sturdy construction, and heat retention in the smoking chamber. Given the multitude of small working parts, strong warranties and a customer support culture are must-haves. Stainless steel is a perk, but not a dealbreaker.

  • Performance - We expect easy, flawless ignition that provides stable temperatures without sharp spikes or dips. Great smoke production should be a given, as these machines convert that into superior flavor. Consistent results, repeatably robust flavor, and ease of cooking set the baseline for our best pellet grills and smokers.

  • Features - We think it’s hard to improve on excellent, but we look for machines that try. For example, direct searing or direct flame grilling technology draws our attention. Other applauded features include Wi-Fi technology, smart controllers that cook for you, and companion smartphone apps to monitor the cook.

Best Outdoor-Rated Ice Maker

Scotsman Brilliance Outdoor Rated Gourmet Ice Machine

Scotsman Brilliance 65 Lb. Outdoor Rated Gourmet Ice Machine

What We Love:

  • Water-quality sensor purges mineral laden water for clear, taste-free & odorless ice
  • Produces up to 65 lbs of ice per day with a storage capacity of 26 lbs
  • Self-closing stainless steel door is field reversible to fit your design needs

Honorable Mentions:

Best Built-In Outdoor Ice Maker

U-Line Outdoor Rated Clear Ice Maker

U-Line 55 Lb. Outdoor Rated Clear Ice Maker

What We Love:

  • Exclusive U-Choose feature allows you to choose your preferred ice fullness
  • Produces up to 55 lbs of ice per day with a storage capacity of 30 lbs
  • Factory installed drain pump takes care of things when gravity draining is not an option

Honorable Mentions:

Best Outdoor Nugget Ice Maker

Scotsman Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine

Scotsman Brilliance 80 Lb. Nugget Ice Machine

What We Love:

  • This model uses 40% less energy and more than 50% less water than conventional ice machines
  • Produces up to 80 lbs of ice per day with a storage capacity of 26 lbs
  • Includes drain pump system for water removal when gravity draining is not an option

Honorable Mentions:

Best High Production Outdoor Ice Maker

Ice-O-Matic Outdoor Rated Ice Maker

Ice-O-Matic 85 Lb. Outdoor Rated Ice Maker

What We Love:

  • Pure Ice technology eliminates bad taste, odor, bacteria, and scaling for perfect ice every time
  • Produces up to 85 lbs of Sonic-style nugget ice per day with a storage capacity of 22 lbs
  • Self-contained machine uses included drain pump to remove melted ice water

Honorable Mentions:

Still unsure which Outdoor Ice Machine is right for you? Give one of our knowledgable outdoor living experts a call at 1-877-743-2269 for the answers to any outdoor refrigeration questions you may have.