What is an Outdoor Kitchen?

Quick Answer: The Best Way to Bring the Indoors Outdoors

Backyard enthusiasts nationwide are taking their living spaces to the next level with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. These personalized paradises are gaining traction, allowing you to enjoy more sunshine and socializing. With endless customization options, there's something for everyone. Ready to kick off your culinary adventure?

Product Benefits Component

Great Way to Entertain

Putting on a show for company is easy with a high-quality grill, pizza oven, bar center, or kegerator. Plus, most people appreciate the chance to be outside.

Extends Your Living Space

Outdoor kitchens bring the comforts of home outdoors, building a backyard retreat for cooking, relaxing, and entertaining.

Improved Quality of Life

Being outside has many health benefits. Grilled foods often lead to cleaner eating, and spending time with family and friends is an enriching experience.

Lowers Energy Costs

Crowds and cooking appliances indoors raise temperatures in your home, forcing your AC to work harder. Bringing the party outside will make it easier on your utilities and your wallet.

Convenient Cooking Center

Outdoor kitchens provide much more storage and prep space than freestanding grill carts, and serve as a handy, organized hub for all your grilling needs.

More Cooking Versatility

Built-in grills are usually the main attraction, but an outdoor kitchen can fit additional cooking appliances like side burners, pizza ovens, and barbecue smokers.

Cuts Cost of Dining Out

Once you’ve mastered the art of grilling a steak or perfected your pizza making, you may never spend money eating out again.

Keep Food Smells Outside

Certain foods don't always have the most pleasant aromas while cooking. Instead of allowing odors to linger in your indoor kitchen, take your cooking to the backyard and let the strong scents drift away.

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Reasons to Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have many advantages, but it’s what you do with them that turns a basic backyard into so much more. Lifestyle and comfort are at the heart of every space, whether you want to become a master entertainer, indulge in a life of luxury, or make your patio an expression of your personal taste, your outdoor kitchen can do it all!

Hosting Guests in an Outdoor Kitchen

Host Like Never Before

Indoors or outdoors, people will always gather around the kitchen. The difference is that backyard events are far less crowded, giving you plenty of space for game-day gatherings, birthday parties, and whatever else brings family and friends to your home. With a built-in grill as the centerpiece, your outdoor space will become the go-to destination for gatherings., but you can up your entertainment game even further with outdoor TVs, pizza ovens, gas griddles or outdoor bar centers.

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen and dining area with mountain view

Create a Luxury Lifestyle

Outdoor kitchens are always a good investment in your well-being. You work hard all week. Isn’t it worthwhile to create a personal getaway you can enjoy year-round? Start with a fun-to-use grill, plenty of storage for convenience, and a kegerator or wine cooler to keep your favorite drinks nearby while watching the sunset. To make the luxury last even longer, add a patio heater or dazzling fire pit to extend the outdoor season on both sides of summer. More time outdoors means more enriching experiences.

Beachfront Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Island

Build Your Dream Backyard

Your backyard should reflect your lifestyle and tell a story about who you are. Designing an outdoor kitchen gives you the chance to personalize your outdoor space. Thankfully, there are dozens of options that let you customize your outdoor kitchen, from the big-ticket items like grills all the way down to little details like backsplash. What better way to show off your personal style?

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Outdoor Kitchen Trends

Though the beauty of outdoor kitchens is the ability to customize it exactly how you want it, there are certain trends that frequently pop up. Specific components and building techniques have seen a rise in popularity recently and while you can still create a perfectly functional and gorgeous outdoor kitchen without working in these trendy elements, there is a reason they’re so popular.

Modern white outdoor kitchen island with built-in bbq smoker

Outdoor Kitchens with Barbecue Smokers

Barbecue smokers open the door to virtually every cooking style in your backyard and allows you to learn new techniques and cook a variety of foods. Or maybe you’re already a low-and-slow expert who can’t picture your outdoor space without a dedicated barbecue smoker. Either way, adding a smoker to your setup is always a good idea. Just think of it: seared steaks one day, and a slow-smoked barbecue brisket the next!

Alfresco Bricked-in Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor Kitchens with Pizza Ovens

Skip the delivery and start a new tradition of family pizza night in the backyard. In addition to the greater cooking versatility pizza ovens offer, you can find joy in making your own pizza. Even if you set aside just a small slice of your outdoor kitchen for a pizza oven, the results will be hard to top.

Ready to Assemble BBQ Island Kit with river rock exterior

Outdoor Kitchen Kits

While the allure of building your own outdoor kitchen lies in the ability to customize, there are drawbacks and alternatives. Outdoor Kitchen Kits are quicker to build and more cost-effective than custom-built islands. They are easy to order and install, plus they eliminate the need for a contractor. Most kits can be installed in a single weekend, but the downside is that they can’t be fully personalized to your taste.