Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven

What is an Outdoor Kitchen?

Quick Answer: The best way to bring the indoors outdoors

Don’t believe us? Just ask the many homeowners nationwide who’ve transformed their backyard with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. Indeed, outdoor kitchens are consistently increasing in popularity, especially in warmer areas where year-round outdoor living is achievable. Even if you live in harsher climates, these all-around outdoor spaces can be equipped with components that extend the outdoor season beyond what you thought possible. No wonder they’re so popular!

Outdoor kitchens aren’t one-size-fits-all projects, though. It’s true that they all serve essentially the same purpose — (usually) stationary structures that house cooking equipment while providing a central gathering place in your backyard — but one of the biggest benefits of outdoor kitchens is that they’re highly customizable. As we hinted at above, yours can include additional components like sinks, outdoor furniture, extra storage, and outdoor refrigeration units to fit your exact needs. But that’s just one of the many outdoor kitchen benefits homeowners have harnessed in growing numbers. Are you ready to join them?

Advantages of Outdoor Kitchens

  • Great Way to Entertain

    Putting on a show is easy with a high-quality grill, pizza oven, bar center, or kegerator. Plus, most people will appreciate the chance to be outdoors.

  • Extends Your Living Space

    The whole point of an outdoor kitchen is to bring the comforts of home outside. That means building an outdoor bonus room dedicated to cooking and relaxing.

  • Improved Quality of Life

    Being outdoors has several health benefits, grilling often leads to cleaner eating, and spending time with family and friends is an enriching experience.

  • Lowers Energy Costs

    Using indoor cooking appliances raises temperatures in your home, forcing your AC to work harder. When grilling outdoors, though? The AC can take it easy.

  • Convenient Cooking Center

    Forget a freestanding grill cart — outdoor kitchens provide much more prep space, along with ample storage in the form of doors, drawers, and cabinets.

  • More Cooking Versatility

    Built-in grills are often the centerpiece, but outdoor kitchens can support additional cooking appliances like side burners, pizza ovens, and BBQ smokers.

  • Cuts Cost of Dining Out

    Once you’ve mastered the art of grilling a steak in your luxurious outdoor kitchen, you may never feel compelled to spend your money at a steakhouse again.

  • Keep Food Smells Outside

    Some foods just don’t smell great while being cooked. Instead of letting odors linger in your indoor kitchen, cook outside and let the strong scents drift away.

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3 Reasons to Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have many advantages, but it’s what you do with them that turns a basic backyard into so much more. Lifestyle and comfort are at the heart of every outdoor space, whether you want to become a no-brainer entertainer, ease into a life of luxury, or make your patio an expression of your person. Hey, if you go about it the right way, your outdoor kitchen can fulfill all those desires at once!

  • Hosting Guests in an Outdoor Kitchen

    Host Like Never Before

    You know how guests always seem to gather in your indoor kitchen? Same goes for an outdoor one, except the space in your backyard makes events far less crowded. And if you opt for more of an indoor-outdoor space, you’ve suddenly doubled your capacity for game-day gatherings, birthday parties, and whatever else brings family and friends to your home. A built-in Luxury grill certainly brings a wow factor to your home, but you can up your entertainment game even further with outdoor TVs, pizza ovens, or gas griddles (at-home hibachi is always a hit). And cocktail night? That’s exactly what outdoor bar centers are for!

  • Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

    Create a Luxury Lifestyle

    Whether an outdoor kitchen is a sound investment in your home is highly dependent on numerous external factors, but it’s always a sound investment in your well-being. You’ve worked hard to get where you are in life, so isn’t it worthwhile to set up a space you can enjoy year-round? Start with a fun-to-use grill, ample storage for convenience, and a kegerator or wine cooler to keep your favorite drinks nearby while watching the sunset. To make the luxury last even longer, add a patio heater or dazzling fire pit to extend the outdoor season on both sides of summer. More time outdoors means more enriching experiences.

  • Beachfront Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

    Build Your Dream Backyard

    Just like your home’s interior, the backyard should reflect your lifestyle and be elevated to tell a story about who you are. Outdoor kitchen design takes just as much careful planning as interior design, and it gives you the chance to personalize an often-overlooked part of many properties. Thankfully, there are dozens of outdoor living brands and building options that let you customize your outdoor kitchen, from the big-ticket items like grills all the way down to little details like backsplash. What better way to truly make your starter home your own or show off the personal style you’ve spent years cultivating?

Top Outdoor Kitchen Brands

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Outdoor Kitchen Trends

Though we just finished explaining how customizable they are, outdoor kitchens (like any area of design) often experience trends that espouse the latest and greatest in outdoor living. That doesn’t mean everyone on the block is constructing the exact same outdoor space — in this case, we’re talking about particular components and building techniques that have seen a recent rise in popularity. You can still create a perfectly functional and gorgeous outdoor kitchen without working in these trendy elements, but they didn’t become so widespread by accident. We’ll get into the details below.

  • Lynx Sonoma Smoker Outdoor Kitchen

    Outdoor Kitchens with BBQ Smokers

    Perhaps the most notable shift in outdoor kitchens has been the inclusion of a barbecue smoker alongside traditional built-in gas grills. This opens the door to virtually every cooking style in your backyard, which in turn enables you to learn new techniques and offer guests a more varied menu. Or maybe you’re already a low-and-slow savant who can’t picture your outdoor space without a dedicated BBQ smoker. Either way, many homeowners have chosen to add a smoker to their setup. Just think of it: seared steaks one day, and a slow-smoked barbecue brisket the next! Actually, why not both at once?

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  • Outdoor Kitchens with Pizza Ovens

    Cookouts on the grill are one thing, but family pizza night in the backyard? That beats delivery every time. The truly beautiful thing, though, is that outdoor kitchens allow you to have both! In addition to the greater cooking versatility pizza ovens offer, many home chefs have discovered newfound joy in the immersive and authentic process of cooking wood-fired pizzas. Pro tip for expert entertainers: pass on your passion for pies to guests by letting them build personal pizzas. Even if you set aside just a small slice of your outdoor kitchen for a pizza oven, the results will be hard to top.

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  • Ready to Assemble BBQ Island Kit

    Outdoor Kitchen Kits

    Sure, this article is all about the benefits of outdoor kitchens, but we need to point out the one minor drawback: they usually take a while to construct. An outdoor kitchen kit, however, is a fast and cost-effective shortcut around the weeks of waiting and backyard building. These prefabricated units make ordering easy, can often be built in a single afternoon with a few tools and a friend, and generally eliminate the need for a contractor. If anything, there won’t be any workers with muddy shoes walking around your property. Just be aware that these BBQ grill islands can’t be fully customized.

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