We’re not shy about telling people that we’re the outdoor living experts. We’ve got our 10,000 hours of time outside doing the important work of enjoying the backyard. So, when it comes to outdoor furniture, there isn’t a chair, chaise, or sofa that we haven’t sat on. In doing so, we’ve heard just about every question worth considering when selecting furniture for your outdoor space. Which is why we've compiled this complete FAQ to help you get answers on the way to achieving some serious outdoor comfort.

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General Outdoor Furniture FAQ

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Furniture Materials, Finishes, & Construction FAQ

Outdoor furniture is available in many different materials. When choosing the best material for a patio set it’s important to consider several factors including climate, exposure to the elements, and primary function of the furniture. Our Guide to Outdoor Furniture Materials can help you choose the proper materials and get the perfect piece for your patio or outdoor space.

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Furniture Care & Cleaning FAQ

Purchasing high-quality outdoor furniture is a long-term investment in your outdoor space. And the best way to protect that investment and extend the lifespan of your furniture is to thoroughly clean and maintain those pieces. Our Patio Furniture Cleaning Guides will breakdown how best to care for specific furniture based on configuration and material.

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