Best Outdoor TVs for 2024

What to Look for in an Outdoor Television

Picture this: the sun’s beaming, the water’s fine, and your showstopper grub is a hit. Your phone buzzes one last time — your whole fantasy league is riding on this game, and it’s on in 15. That’s a sharp deadline to finish that last round of burgers, check on other guests, dry off, and huddle down with fresh beers and jerseys in the den. Do you really want to pry your party from the poolside?

Outdoor TVs have a simple response: don’t! Unlike regular indoor televisions, the best outdoor TVs have brighter screens and can easily handle high humidity, extreme temperatures, and saline environments without breaking a sweat. Many can cast your favorite music playlists, vacation highlights, YouTube clips, and more. Ready to get started? You’re in the right place: our experts have already curated the very best outdoor TVs based on their quality, performance, and features.

  • Quality - For starters, full exposure resistance is a must for any quality outdoor TV. Our experts look for durable builds built to sizes over 60 inches, full sun or partial shade visibility, and serious weatherization. Specialized hydrophobic treatment is a fast track onto this list.

  • Performance - When you're enjoying the action outside, what use is grainy picture? Our experts look for HDR capability on 4K Ultra HD screens -- the sharpest picture on the market today.

  • Features - How'd you like your TV to handle the heavy lifting for you? While not a deal-breaker, we do prioritize smart TV features that help you pull up your favorite streaming apps without figuring out how to work in (and protect) a separate digital receiver box.

Best Full Exposure Outdoor TV

These top-rated outdoor TVs have it all: durable weatherproofing inside and out, along with screens calibrated for crystal-clear viewing in even the harshest sunlight. Full-exposure outdoor TVs don’t require any shade or covering, meaning you can place them virtually anywhere in your outdoor space. Just don’t go sticking them at the bottom of the pool, OK?

SunBriteTV Pro 2 Series 55″ Full Sun 4K LED HDR Outdoor TV

SunBriteTV Pro 2 Series Full Sun 4K LED TV

What We Love:

  • Commercial-grade 4K TV with TruVision anti-glare makes sure you never miss a scene, wherever you're watching
  • Designed to go up to 4x brighter than an indoor TV so that it can be used in full-sun areas
  • Powder coated frame keeps rust and corrosion at bay, giving you long lasting peace of mind

Honorable Mentions:

Best Under Cover/Shaded Outdoor TV

When we say “under cover,” we’re just referring to shade requirements. Some of the top-rated outdoor TVs listed here are fully weatherproofed, but their displays aren’t quite bright enough to make images visible in full sunlight. Each model below will feature a note about its degree of weatherproofing, so look for one with enough protection to thrive in your outdoor space.

Peerless-AV Neptune 75 Shade Series 4K Outdoor TV

Peerless-AV Neptune 75 Shade Series Outdoor TV

What We Love:

  • IPS Panel makes viewing the TV from off center just as vibrant and accurate as being seen directly
  • USB port allows you to use a flash drive to watch your own media on the big screen
  • Sealed cable entry keeps water, debris, and critters from getting in your TV casing

Honorable Mentions:

Best Partial Sun Outdoor TV

The Partial Sun category is the perfect middle ground. Your space may only have the possibility of sun during the early mornings, or you may only watch your outdoor TV at night. It helps to understand what partial sun means. We are expecting approx. 1 hour or less of direct sunlight and a TV with sufficient display brightness to work during this time.

Samsung The Terrace 75 Inch Partial Sun QLED 4K UHD Smart TV

Samsung The Terrace Partial Sun Smart TV

What We Love:

  • Tuned for outdoor optimization, this TV was engineered to look sharp and vivid in your covered outdoor living space
  • IP55 weather resistant durability gives you peace of mind when dealing with the elements
  • Motion Rate 240 technology makes the image smooth and crisp, with very little motion blur, for a better viewing experience

Honorable Mentions:

Best Weatherized Outdoor TV

Weather Resistance is one of the most important factors when buying an Outdoor rated TV for your backyard space. These outdoor TVs are fully weatherized with the best technologies that the industry offers. You can be confident that no water is getting into these TVs.

Titan CU8000 Series 85 Inch Full Sun UHD 4K Smart TV

Titan CU8000 Series UHD 4K Smart TV

What We Love:

  • Rated for full sun exposure, you'll get a fully crisp and vibrant image anywhere it's installed
  • Integrated Smart Hub is your center for connecting and viewing all of your favorite streaming services
  • Crystal Processor upscales media to 4k, giving you beautiful, sharp imagery for whatever you watch

Honorable Mentions:

Best Outdoor TV Mount

Don’t forget the accessories! Everything installed outdoors needs to be prepared for harsh environments. That means that even your mounting solution needs to be weatherproof. A well-designed outdoor space will undoubtedly have a perfect wall corner or floor space by the pool that is just waiting for an Outdoor TV. We’ve chosen our best Outdoor TV mounting arms and stands below.

Peerless-AV Neptune Outdoor Articulating Wall Mount

Peerless-AV Neptune Outdoor Articulating Wall Mount

What We Love:

  • Corrosion-resistant build makes this mount long lasting and weather resistant
  • Open wall plate design allows further access to the wall behind the TV, making wiring and adjusting much easier
  • IncreLock tilt feature allows you to adjust the viewing angle for an even clearer image

Honorable Mentions: