Korean BBQ Short Rib Lettuce Wraps w/ Tokyo Spice Blends
On the Go with BBQGuys, Episode 6

On the Go with BBQGuys returns with an episode that’ll expand your horizons. It certainly did for Blaine, who picked up a variety of spice blends during his amazing trip to Tokyo (seriously, it was amazing). His welcome-home present was just as good — some Korean BBQ short ribs courtesy of Grill Master Randy and the Weber Summit charcoal grill! Using a marinade and the BBQ blend Blaine brought home, Randy infused the thinly cut ribs with mouthwatering sweetness and heat in the style of Korean BBQ. He even prepared a homemade sauce for lettuce wraps, showing just how versatile his short ribs recipe can be.

Want to experiment with spice blends? Check out our friends at Spiceology.

Grill Master Randy’s full recipe: Korean BBQ Short Ribs

Featured grill: Weber Summit 24-Inch Charcoal Grilling Center

Featured in On the Go: Spice Blends from Tokyo