Outdoor rugs have the ability to add comfort and color to any outdoor setting, whether it’s a patio seating space or screened-in porch dining area. The size, shape, and style of a rug can help define sitting, dining, or accent areas of a space by accentuating particular groupings of patio furniture or choosing one large rug of the right size can pull the entire outdoor room together. Take all of the following topics into consideration when shopping for an outdoor rug.


All of our rugs are made of synthetic materials which are more durable than rugs made of natural materials. Synthetic materials (such as polypropylene) last longer, are fade-resistant, and are easier to clean than natural materials. Outdoor rugs made of synthetic materials can get wet without molding or mildewing and dry quickly. Not only are synthetic rugs more durable, but they also tend to be more affordable. Despite the fact that patio rugs are so durable, if you want to put them away for the winter, they also store easily (make sure to roll them when you do).

Number of Rugs

Depending on the size of your space, you will need to decide on how many rugs you want - this will influence the size of each. Do you want one large central rug to tie the space together or do you want to use multiple rugs to define spaces and draw the eyes from one area to another? An example of using multiple rugs to define each space would be if you have one rug under your dining set, another under your seating set, and another in your outdoor kitchen area.

Patio Furniture Position

There are a few factors in choosing outdoor rug sizes and shapes depending on what type of furniture you have and how you want to position it. These elements will determine the size and shape of rug that you will need.

Dining Sets

Make sure your rug shape is complimentary to the shape of your patio furniture dining set – i.e. choose a round rug for a round dining set or a rectangular rug for a rectangular dining set. The most important thing in choosing an outdoor rug to fit under a patio dining set is making sure that even when the dining chairs are pulled out from the table, they will still have all four legs on the rug. To ensure you get the right rug size for your dining set, add an extra 30" or so to your table size and find a rug that fits those dimensions. Don’t forget to center your rug underneath the patio dining table.

Seating Sets

You can either pick an outdoor rug that will be big enough to have all legs of the furniture on top of the rug, or a smaller rug where just the front legs of the furniture are resting on the rug. Make sure that if you choose the latter, all of the front legs of all of the pieces in your chosen patio furniture seating set are on top of the rug to keep the space looking proportional. Having the rug centered under the coffee or chat table will keep the area balanced.


Choosing the right size of your outdoor rug is just as important as selecting the pattern or color. Whether you choose a rectangular outdoor rug, a round patio rug, or a square one, the perfect size and shape of a rug is vital for achieving the right look for your outdoor room. Make sure you choose a rug large enough to allow for a symmetrical border of exposed deck or patio material. There should be at least a foot or two between all sides of the rug and the edge of your patio or deck. Outdoor runners are perfect for longer and skinnier spaces such as walkways or smaller balcony spaces. Small outdoor rugs are great for putting in front of doors.

Color & Pattern

Thankfully outdoor rugs come in a large variety of colors and patterns so you shouldn't have a hard time finding one that matches your space. You may also find one that you love so much you’ll decide to decorate your entire patio around it! Keep in mind that patterned rugs tend to hide wear a little bit better than solid ones do.