Though they don’t get as much love as grills, gas griddles have earned their place as versatile workhorses in the outdoor cooking world. But odds are you’ve never cooked on a flat top grill all that much, at least not when compared with the old gas grill you had to beg your dad to let you use. How do we know? Well, we’ve fielded dozens and dozens of customer questions about griddles — so many, in fact, that we compiled the most common queries into the FAQ you see here today. You’re obviously here because you’re interested in flat top gas grills, and we want to make sure you’re totally confident in using one before making a purchase or taking yours on its maiden voyage.

Do you have any questions about gas griddles that weren’t answered here? Sounds like you need to speak with one of our outdoor living experts, who can be reached by phone at 1-888-608-5758. And, hey, if your question is pressing enough, we just might add it to this page to aid future customers like you. Hooray for helping others!

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