What are BBQ Accessories?

Just like any master tradesman is nothing without his tools, a Grill Master is nothing without the right grill accessories to get the job done. You’ll want to invest in everything from multi-use tools useful for just about every cook — spatulas and BBQ thermometers come to mind here — to attachments like rotisseries and smoker boxes, which greatly expand cooking versatility. This is your toolbox. Treat it as such: invest wisely, make it personal, and treat every tool like your pride and joy. They like that. They’ll get you to better BBQ.

Overall, BBQ accessories cover hundreds of items across a few dozen categories of products. No worries: there are still universal, reliable mainstays that cover most cooking styles. But they can’t all be the basics. Best results demand discerning purchases — like specialized fuels, proprietary tools, and grill-specific protective gear that takes one look at moisture, sunlight, and debris, while muttering: “This is your ‘A’ game?” The hunt for the right grilling equipment to suit your needs can get tedious. That’s why we’ve been helping grillers build their perfect personalized BBQ toolboxes for over 20 years. Now it’s your turn!

BBQ Accessories By Grill Type

If you’re just getting started on outfitting your BBQ toolbox with accessories, you’ll want to begin with the essentials. Introducing that workhorse of any griller’s arsenal — the BBQ tool kit! Keep the fundamentals organized and in reach: grill spatulas, tongs, BBQ forks, BBQ grill brushes, and often many more useful tools. Otherwise, the most useful grilling tools include a BBQ thermometer, which should absolutely be a part of every cookout. As our friends at the USDA say: the only way to properly check food safety is by reading its internal temperature! Nowadays, you’ll find simple handheld devices to quickly check doneness, to wireless thermometers that constantly monitor temperatures and send smartphone alerts. Already have those covered? Want something more thrilling? There are many other great accessories around — you’ll just need to start somewhere. The easiest place is to start is, well, at the start: with your chosen grill.

Smoker box roasting on a gas grill

Gas Grill Accessories

  • Rotisseries roast large cuts of meat or whole turkeys
  • Experience for yourself the benefits of infrared cooking
  • Smoker boxes, pizza stones, and charcoal trays expand functionality

Gas grills remain popular as ever, and there will always be great BBQ accessories available to squeeze out their maximum utility. Depending on the grill you have, a great option is a rotisserie for roasting large cuts of meat — whether you’re preparing a traditional family feast or swinging Mediterranean with some juicy gyro and shawarma. Or you can try your hand at infrared cooking! In fact, do you know the benefits of infrared cooking over conventional gas burners? Some manufacturers (such as Blaze) build plug-and-play infrared burners that easily swap with your existing grill burners. Other categories designed specifically to expand your grill’s functionality include smoker boxes, pizza stones, and charcoal trays. If you like to experiment, try them on for size!

10 Essential Gas Grill Accessories

Looftlighter X lighting coals

Charcoal Grill Accessories

  • Charcoal chimneys and electric starters make lighting coal easy
  • Charcoal ash tools help you safely and reliably keep the fire hot
  • Ash vacuums make short work of cleaning your grill’s interior

Most charcoal accessories manipulate fuel. Learning how to light charcoal the easy way might involve getting properly acquainted with charcoal chimneys and electric charcoal starters. Charcoal itself is an accessory of charcoal grills (who knew?); choosing lump versus briquette charcoal will make a huge difference in everything from efficacy to taste and cleanup. Once the coals are glowing inside that cook chamber, the occasional stir will steep keep that fire burning steady — and charcoal ash tools help you safely and easily work those burning coals on the fly (and, of course, scrape away the ash afterwards). Speaking of cleanup, an ash vacuum makes short work of cleaning the inside of your grill; the quality of life change alone makes one a fantastic investment.

10 Essential Charcoal Grill Accessories

Pellet container being filled with extra pellets

Pellet Grill Accessories

  • Hardwood pellets are food-safe, chemical-free fuel
  • Pellet grill containers keep those pellets dry and safe
  • Brand manufacturers offer specific accessories to expand usability

Let’s begin with the fuel: hardwood pellets are compressed hardwood sawdust made without binding agents for maximum food safety. Unsurprisingly, water is its mortal enemy — allow any moisture whatsoever near your pellets, and you’ve effectively reinvented a shoddier spin on cement. Pellets might be the most essential pellet grill accessory out there; this just bumps what holds them right up to second place. Pellet grill containers keep your fuel dry and ready to burn at a moment’s notice. Overall, this is a category where many accessories are manufacturer-specific; be sure to check out which accessories we carry for your pellet grill brand.

10 Essential Pellet Grill Accessories

Extended rack on a kamado with food on the grill

Kamado Grill Accessories

  • Heat deflectors offer low and slow cooking
  • Extended cooking racks offer 50% more grilling area
  • Split-tier racks deliver the best of both heats simultaneously

Kamados are perfectly robust on their own, but cooking on one with just a bare grill rack barely touches what this smoker can really do. The real experience here is truly in kamado accessories. Invest in the ecosystem, and you’ll find that the humble grill of Japanese descent can tackle nearly any cooking style under the sun. The most important of these will be a good heat deflector: enjoy low and slow cooking, made even better with the kamado’s thick and insulative walls. Not to mention indirect cooking! An extended cooking rack can add 50% grate space.

12 Essential Kamado Grill Accessories

Water pan being filled with water before being added to the grill

BBQ Smoker Accessories

  • Injectors, marinators, and spices lay the groundwork
  • Drip pans, basting brushes, and spray bottles fight drying out
  • BBQ thermometers watch your temperature zones for you

BBQ smoking is an ancient and formidable artform practiced by novice and master alike across the world. While this cooking style highly relies on the smoker itself, some smoker accessories make the process easier — others are downright necessary. For instance, injectors, marinators, and spices lay the groundwork for your culinary artistry. Drip pans, basting brushes, and spray bottles keep your meat moist and juicy while it cooks. Wood chips and chunks, meanwhile, impart delicate flavors into the overall taste of your creation. Most essential of all is a good wireless BBQ thermometer. They immediately notify you if your smoker strays from the appropriate temperature range — which can make all the difference in the world to a sunrise-to-sundown smoking session.

10 Essential BBQ Smoker Accessories

Pizza being loaded onto a pizza stone with a pizza peel

Pizza Oven Accessories

  • Pizza peels help build amazing pizza pies and move them into the oven
  • Pizza stones toast the crusts and let you bake on a grill
  • Manufacturer bundles pack together the essentials

Every great pizza falls back on its toppings. If you own or plan on purchasing a pizza oven, you may find you want the supreme experience; that comes with a handful of key pizza accessories you won’t be able to live without. First up? The pizza peel. Humble. Simple. Synonymous with pizzerias everywhere. Wood pizza peels provide the sturdy foundation for building those molten pies; stainless steel pizza peels easily maneuver them into, out of, and within the heat. Possibly just as important is the pizza stone, which provides excellent bottom crusts while opening up the possibility of baking on other grills. Most pizza oven manufacturers supply accessory bundles packed with all the essentials — minus the business license — to help you start slinging restaurant-quality pies.

5 Essential Pizza Accessories

BBQ Accessories by Category

BBQ Cleaning & Maintenance Accessories to Keep Your Grill Going Strong

Hopefully, this page helps you take the next tentative step toward becoming that fearless, capable cooking champion. There are some other considerations that you’ll want on hand to protect that big, beautiful machine — after all, a good grill can last a lifetime with some thoughtfulness (and minimal enough effort). You want the thing that makes your food awesome to keep on keeping on, don’t you? That’s why you should properly clean that bad boy at regular intervals to keep the metal healthy and rust-free (which halting grease buildup that can clog valves or, if left unchecked, catch fire).

Grill cleaning tools do just that: they are the stern landlord, while all that grease, ash, and oil just missed the rent and got its fourth noise complaint. As it just so happens, you’ve bought a cleaner bottle with “Eviction Day” written all over it. Meanwhile, simply investing in a grill cover does wonders to prevent weathering and discoloration. Grill covers are personally fitted to your specific grill model; they’ll shoo the elements away, preventing harmful degradation. Sadly, even with the best care, using the grill will eventually wear and tear… but hey! We offer an enormous selection of grill replacement parts to get your baby back in fighting shape once more.

We hope this guide has waved away some illusions and brain-boggling clutter. If you aren’t on the road to the best BBQ accessories you’ll need, don’t worry. Our outdoor grilling experts are standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to take your call!