Mindlessly scrolling for days or weeks through product categories and reviews can start to become an emotionally exhausting endeavor. Time spent buried in outdoor kitchen research shouldn’t take over your entire life, right? Why can’t you just have someone do it for you? You just want your new outdoor kitchen sorted out and usable. Yesterday.

Introducing: BBQ Island Equipment Packages. Click one button and scoop up all your outdoor kitchen components in one fell swoop. These weren’t arbitrarily chosen groups of grills and appliances; each Outdoor Kitchen Equipment Package features matching components and was curated based on the reviews and feedback given by customers just like you. If you want all your components at once — and customizable to your exact needs — forget stomaching bleary eyes and mind-numbing headaches. (Unless you’re a glutton for punishment. If so… be our guest!) Otherwise, countless thousands of clients have already burned the midnight oil for you.

Why Go With an Outdoor Kitchen Equipment Package?

Outdoor kitchen equipment packages in themselves boast a wealth of perks and opportunities. But what is it that really sets them apart from, say, a complete BBQ grill island or an a la carte outdoor kitchen installation? Frankly, a lot. Let’s distill the experience down to three key areas and see if these packages are right for you.

One Click — That’s It

Analysis paralysis? Not anymore! Forget scouring our thousands of BBQ kitchen components and grills and just build that dream island already.

Time and Sanity Saved

Skip the mental overhead. Choosing any of these packages means choosing to spare those hours (and migraines) for something else. Anything else, frankly.

Better Together

Matching logos. Matching aesthetics. Matching materials. If it matters that your kitchen components look consistent (and amazing), you just can’t go wrong here.

Come One, Come All

From propane to pellets, we offer full outdoor kitchen component packages for virtually any griller. Take a look and see what strikes your eye.

Blank Slate

Because building materials are excluded, you’re free to mold your island however you please — assuming you follow local safety and ordinance measures. Ask your contractor.

Customer Approved

Every single package here has been installed countless times in other outdoor kitchens. In other words, you just found your outdoor space’s “easy” button.

Packaged Practically

Barring acts of God, your ensemble should arrive all in one big shipment. That’s less to worry about, and fewer lengthy afternoons stuck waiting around.

Tailored to Your Tastes

Don’t see a package here that speaks to you? Ring our experts and let them know. They’ll whip one up for you that’ll borderline sing.

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BBQ Island Equipment Packages by Fuel Type

TEC outdoor kitchen with propane tank holder

Propane Outdoor Kitchen Equipment Packages

  • Less upfront trouble and no professionals necessary
  • Standard 20-pound tanks can tuck away into the island
  • Willing to hire a plumber? Enjoy a bulk propane tank
  • Note: you’ll need to keep an eye on remaining fuel

Let’s say you have an irrational hatred of plumbers. Whether one cut you off in traffic yesterday — or you’re simply more a “fast hedgehog” person — consider a propane BBQ Island Equipment Package. They lack the portability usually offered by this fuel type but ask for a lot less hassle upfront. And if you’re willing to make amends with the plumbing industry, they’ll even provide refillable bulk propane tank options.

Lynx outdoor kitchen with pizza oven

Natural Gas Outdoor Kitchen Equipment Packages

  • More investment at the start — but only the start
  • That licensed plumber you’ll hire guarantees safety
  • Worry free! Fuel is now the utility company’s problem
  • Note: never fiddle with gas lines without pro advice

There’s one notable weakness to propane: it runs out. Love cooking with gas? Hate realizing your propane tank is empty just when you need it most? Best friends with a plumber? Natural gas BBQ Island Equipment Packages are your friend. You’ll want professionals to handle pipe alterations or running new ones out to the kitchen. Leave the explosions to Michael Bay. Besides flavor explosions, you can keep those.

Island Equipment Packages by Included Components

Outdoor Kitchen hiddel trahs bin storage with the drawer pulled out

Equipment Packages with Trash Bins

If you want your outdoor kitchen to feature a trash bin, look no further than… any of them! As it turns out, manufacturers are just as eager to give you discrete rubbish disposal as you are to pick a different kitchen package if you don’t see that feature. Who knew?

Shop Equipment Packages with Trash Bins

Hidden paper towel storage built into red brick outdoor kitchen island

Equipment Packages with Paper Towel Holders

Towels and rags are great. Paper towels can be better. Keep a hidden roll at hand whenever you need it; sometimes, you never know how often you need a wipe until you keep misplacing it. In the chaos of BBQ grilling, treat yourself to one less thing to keep track of!

Shop Equipment Packages with Paper Towel Holders

Propane tank in stainless steel storage space

Equipment Packages with Propane Tank Holders

If you’re the kind of kitchen owner who loves cooking with propane gas, you’ll probably want a BBQ Island Equipment Package with discrete propane tank holder. With easy access doors, stow that tank out of sight and away from the heat until top-off time — after all, fire and gas don’t mix!

Shop Equipment Packages with Propane Tank Holders

How to Customize Your BBQ Island Kitchen Package

  • All packages are completely customizable
  • Get the outdoor kitchen collection that fits your project
  • Don’t see your dream package here? We’ll make it happen

The real joy of BBQ Island Kitchen Packages (besides the wealth of time they save) is that they’re thoroughly social-proofed — we let over a million outdoor kitchen orders guide these packages. Our experts looked them over, but these are common configurations bought for years before you ever read this sentence. Each one features matched components designed to be downright awesome together.

Here’s a curveball: what if you’ve made it this far and haven’t found what you’re looking for? What if one hit close to the mark, but you need something changed? No problem! Let us know what your needs are and we’ll tweak, change, or outright compile a new kitchen package together for you. Just give our fantastic outdoor kitchen experts a ring at 1-877-743-2269!

Final Considerations When Shopping for Outdoor Kitchen Equipment Packages

Delivery of your BBQ Island Equipment Package

While we make every effort to ensure your BBQ Island Kitchen Package arrives all in one delivery, we have not yet been given the reigns to the national shipping kingdom. It’s possible for something beyond our control to force a few components to arrive delayed — or for one to come mildly damaged. Another consideration: we HIGHLY advise you to not begin the project until everything arrives. Don’t do anything permanent until you can measure the items yourself! For more information on what to do before, during, and after delivery day, check out our detailed guide to freight delivery.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen Resources

Made it this far and eager to get started? Outstanding! This can be just the start of your journey of outdoor kitchen discovery, if you’d like it to be. Here, we’ll conveniently provide you with a fast roadmap to our most relevant kitchen services and articles. Don’t forget — if you picture it, we’ll help you make it happen. And we’ve spent 20 years, here at BBQGuys, becoming very, very good at doing just that. Our outdoor living experts are always standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to help you realize your backyard's true potential.