At the heart of every outdoor kitchen lies a barbecue island, and the best part is you have choices! You can opt for the hands-on approach with a DIY grill island, putting your creativity to work, or for those seeking convenience without compromising style, we offer ready-to-assemble barbecue grill islands that are ready to be installed right out of the box. These complete kitchen islands, which have varying amounts of assembly required, come with everything you need for easy ordering and complete installation. Let’s look at this handy guide to learn more about outdoor kitchen kits (also referred to as prefab grill islands, BBQ grill islands, etc.).

Complete Outdoor Kitchen Kits vs. Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Choosing between prefab outdoor kitchen kits and custom outdoor kitchen islands involves weighing various factors. Outdoor kitchen kits go by many names—some are referred to as barbecue grill islands, barbecue island kits, or complete grill islands. What they all have in common is they are designed to provide easy, elegant solutions for homeowners who want an outdoor kitchen with less effort. These kits include the island body, grills and other cooking appliances, components, finishes, and countertops all in a single purchase and shipment for a seamless, all-in-one experience. However, customization options are limited, and homeowners sacrifice the freedom to choose colors and materials. Most islands assemble with a minimum of just 2 people, and typically take as little as a single weekend.

The draw of custom outdoor kitchens is all about complete personalization. The desired customization and a truly unique outdoor kitchen experience often leads homeowners to choose custom outdoor kitchen islands. The limitless options and customizability are important to those who have a specific vision in mind, from the layout to the materials and colors. Despite the upfront cost and the potential for extended construction timelines, the limitless options make custom outdoor kitchen islands a preferred choice for those seeking a truly unique design.

When comparing costs, prefab kits, influenced by materials, brands, and components, offer an upfront understanding, aiding homeowners in making budget-conscious decisions. The affordability and convenience of pre-built kits, coupled with durable components like 304-grade stainless steel grills and storage, enhance their overall value without compromising quality.

Advantages of Complete BBQ Grill Islands

One Click

No more cross-referencing and researching dozens of BBQ products to fill out your kitchen. Pick and click an island, and you’re done.

Easier than DIY

Assembling a complete island is far easier than building one from scratch. For one, everything’s already measured and cut for you!

Budget Friendly Installation

Cut out the cost of hiring a professional contractor. The ease of assembly is less strain on time, effort, and especially your wallet.

Outdoor Kitchen Lite

At a fraction of the effort, enjoy enough kitchen to run those backyard parties. Even the smallest packages include a grill and storage at minimum.

Conveniently Compact

Almost all islands measure between 3–11 feet wide. No matter how narrow your intended spot, we’ve got a space-efficient cooking station just for you.

Weather Resistant

No need to roll them inside under cloudy skies! Designed for durability, functionality, and attractiveness, grill islands withstand most weather conditions for years to come.


Several brands offer casters and light frames for their BBQ grill islands. That means easier mobility and subtle storage for some backup propane tanks.

Take It With You

Most islands can move onward with you — tell the new homeowners to get their own. Hey, here’s a thought: why not send them our way?

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Barbecue Grill Island Fuel Types

Your grill is the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen island. And just as fuel type is a notable consideration when buying a stand-alone grill, it’s equally as important while searching for the right barbecue island. With our extensive collection, you have the option to choose from two distinct fuel types.

Stainless Steel Weber propane grill island

Propane BBQ Grill Islands

  • Designed to fit a standard, 20-pound cylinder
  • Some can connect to a bulk tank (larger than 20 lbs)
  • Allows for more placement options versus natural gas
  • No need to run gas lines across your space

Stainless steel built-in grill loaded with food

Natural Gas BBQ Grill Islands

  • Best option for homeowners with existing natural gas lines
  • No need to refill any tanks
  • Placement limited by existing gas lines
  • Will save money in the long run

Outdoor Kitchen Kit Components

Explore the diverse world of outdoor kitchen kit components, each designed to cater to specific preferences and needs. From the efficient and compact Core Outdoor Kitchen Kits to the versatile Advanced Outdoor Kitchen Kits and more, there is a barbecue island kit to suit your needs.

Simple gas grill outdoor kitchen island with brown side cabinets

Core Outdoor Kitchen Kits

  • Great for small spaces
  • Includes access doors and storage
  • Islands typically range in size between 3–6 feet
  • Available for propane or natural gas

Man in white tshirt grilling at Coyote Ready to Assemble Outdoor Kitchen with white stone details

Advanced Outdoor Kitchen Kits

  • Includes refrigeration and a side burner
  • Islands typically range between 6-15 feet
  • Available for propane or natural gas
  • Has additional storage capabilities

Man in blue plaid shirt grilling at large L-shaped outdoor kitchen

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Kits

  • Includes high-end gas grills, available for propane or natural gas
  • Designed for easy installation and access to gas and plumbing hookups
  • Premium countertops
  • Durable powder coating finish on all cabinets

Barbecue Island Finishes

Ready to add the perfect finishing touch to your dream outdoor kitchen? After finalizing your barbecue island layout and selecting your appliances, it’s time to choose your ideal finish. The choice of material is not just about functionality; it's about creating a stunning focal point that complements your style.

Your outdoor kitchen finishes can be as much of a showstopper as your appliances. From the timeless elegance of stucco to the rustic charm of brick, your selection sets the tone. Consider stucco for a versatile and customizable option, providing a textured finish that complements various aesthetics. If you're into the classic look, brick finishes offer durability and a timeless appearance, requiring a bit more effort but delivering a lasting impact. For those with a preference for modern and sleek, concrete finishes provide an industrial touch with ease of maintenance. Check out our guide on outdoor kitchen finishes and materials for more information

Barbecue Island Countertop Materials

Just like indoors, countertops for your outdoor kitchen island will go a long way toward establishing your style. This decision largely comes down to personal aesthetics, but there are still a few paths to consider. For starters, stainless steel matches virtually anything and is a safe play in terms of style and sturdiness. Granite or stone countertops, meanwhile, bring a touch of the rustic and traditional to a backyard, while concrete and aluminum appeal to modern sensibilities. It’s also worth noting that aluminum lasts longer than stainless steel and can never rust, though both are easier to clean than other countertop materials. Lastly, porcelain is rising in popularity due to its durability, weather resistance, and design versatility. These are just a few factors to keep in mind, however the decision can be what you think will look best.

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How to Install Finished Barbecue Island Kits

While the degree of installation and assembly varies from model to model, we can provide a basic idea of what you should expect when your kitchen island kit arrives.


Individual pieces of the island will arrive flat-packed. Make sure you have a friend or two ready to help move boxes and set up the outdoor kitchen kit because it will be heavy. A pallet jack will be a useful tool to have and can be rented for the day from your local home-improvement store. Before you start unboxing, take inventory of what you have, to ensure all components and parts are present.

This is when you need to make your final decision about placement. Choose your installation site carefully so you won’t need to disassemble and reassemble your island. Some brands such as Mont Alpi and TYTUS carry models with locking, heavy-duty caster wheels so you can relocate them.


Installation instructions differ depending on the model you select, so be sure to carefully read your owner’s manual before beginning assembly. What we can tell you is that you’ll rarely need to have anything more than a screwdriver and a few drill bits to complete the assembly. You’ll likely have to bolt panels together, but any additional hardware should be included in the packaging.

Once you’ve put the frame together, you and your assembly partner will need to place appliances and components like doors and drawers into their respective cutouts. Next comes the countertop, then most of the hard work is done. If you chose an island kit with a natural gas grill, plan ahead and make sure you have a licensed plumber on standby to make the final connection to your fuel. Trying to DIY this final step can present a serious safety hazard and potentially void your warranty.

Final Considerations When Buying an Outdoor Kitchen Kit

Grill Island Ventilation & Placement

Ventilation is an important safety concern that should never be overlooked. In the event of a gas leak, that gas builds up inside the island rather than venting into the atmosphere, which can be extremely dangerous. When working with natural gas, vents should be placed as high as possible on the island, while propane vents must be installed as low as possible. Typically, 1 vent should be placed every 4 feet, with no fewer than 2 on an island. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when assembling and placing your island.

The placement of your island will also affect your ventilation. If you plan to install it under a permanent structure, an outdoor vent hood may be necessary. Check out our Outdoor Ventilation Buying Guide for more information.

Weight of Barbecue Islands

Weight is also a major consideration when working with outdoor kitchen islands. You should always check the shipping dimensions of the island you intend to purchase to help you know what to expect when your order is delivered. Knowing whether you’re expecting lighter, aluminum frames and finishes or heavier components, countertops, and finishes that require serious lifting power will help you plan. It’s important to be aware of what to expect because grill island orders are delivered curbside. This means that when they arrive, you’ll need to make sure you have a plan to move them from the street to the installation site.

No matter the weight, we recommend you never try assembling a complete barbecue island by yourself. It’s best to have at least one other person with you during installation in the event a piece is heavier than you anticipated. One thing to note is while weight is a concern for initial installation, it’ll come around again in the event you move into a new home. If you see a move in your future, strongly consider investing in a grill island with casters or an aluminum frame. But if you’ve already planted roots in your forever home, weight becomes much less of an issue.

Grill Island & Component Covers

Your new kitchen island will be a significant investment, so you should do everything you can to protect it. Grill covers are the best way to ensure years of outdoor cooking greatness. These covers are made from heavy-duty materials to keep the elements off all your appliances. Keep in mind that covers are specially made to fit certain models so do your best to match the unit you choose to the cover designed for it. Otherwise, you probably won’t have total coverage or a good fit, leaving certain components exposed to the weather.

If you have any more questions about outdoor kitchen islands, give our experts a call at (877) 743-2269. Our Outdoor Kitchen 3D Design Service will also help you build the backyard of your dreams.

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