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Recycled Materials:

Recycling has become more than just the cool thing to do; all over the country people are recycling their aluminum, paper and plastic instead of tossing it in the trash can. But what happens to those recycled plastic milk bottles after they leave your driveway? Many companies have found ways to manufacture your high-density recycled plastic milk bottles, known as HDPE, into attractive and durable dining sets, lounge sets and other outdoor furniture. And the great thing is that recycled plastic patio furniture will last for years with minimal maintenance, helping this type of green furniture last for years without the need for replacement.

Sustainable Wood:

Trees are vital to the existence of life on our planet. In addition to the absorption of carbon dioxide and production of oxygen, trees also act as the habitat to millions of species of birds, animals and insects which are an essential aspect of any ecological area. With the ever-depleting rain forests, people begin to look towards other materials when manufacturing their furniture. Unfortunately, wood is still by far the most comfortable and easy to use material for patio furniture products. Sustainable woods, including many teak wood furniture products are made from carefully managed forests to help ensure that clear-cutting and other harmful deforestation techniques are not used.

Keep these materials in mind as you look for not only new patio furniture but any furniture you buy for your home and it will help you stay more environmentally friendly both inside and outside your home. Buying green furniture, along with recycling and making an effort to produce less carbon dioxide gases will help keep the planet safe for the next generation and beyond.

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