Wood Fire Pits vs Gas Fire Pits

Wood vs Gas Fire Pit Comparison

Fire Pits have become a trendy focal point of modern patios and outdoor living spaces. What's not to love? There's just something so special about sitting around a warm fire feature with family and friends. When considering a fire pit, one of the first decisions you'll face is fuel source - do you go with a wood burning model or one fueled by propane or natural gas? Taking that into consideration, our experts have put together a list of the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you find the perfect one for your space.

Side by Side Comparison

  • Wood Fire Pits

    Wood Burning Fire Pits

    For some, nothing can compare to the old-fashioned, smoky aroma and pleasant crackle of a wood fire. The best part about a wood fire pit — the ability to cook over the flames! Wood burning pits are perfectly safe for roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, or even cooking whole meals on a fire pit grill. Just be sure to use hardwood fuel when cooking; softwood smoke isn't safe for consumption. Wood also burns noticeably warmer than gas, which means toastier experiences all around. Sure, a little more preparation is needed when cool evenings beckon you to build a bonfire, but a night with loved ones under the stars is well worth it.

    The Skinny

    • Budget friendly fire pits are easy to install
    • Lighter bodies give the bonus of easy portability
    • Wood fuel allows for cooking or roasting over fire
    • Requires finding chopped wood or chopping your own
    • Requires occasional removal of ash

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  • Gas Fire Pits

    Gas Fire Pits

    The convenience of gas is undeniable. No chopping wood, no lighter fluid, and no matches to contend with. Starting a fire can be as simple as turning the gas valve on and hitting a button. Gas fire pits are the best option for convenience and customizability. These models come in portable configurations that run on standard 20-pound propane tanks as well as natural gas units that can hook up to an existing gas line. They are easy to build yourself with DIY fire pit kits and endlessly fun to customize with fire pit decor. The best part – no mess to clean up after.

    The Skinny

    • Quick and easy start-up and shut-off
    • No worrying about fuel or cleaning messy ash
    • Customizable with fire glass and fire pit decor
    • Many more options to choose from in a variety of shapes
    • Generally cost more than wood-burning models

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