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    How to Clean a Gas Burner on a Grill

    There are several different types of gas grill burners, but all of them can be cleaned using the same methods. Start by turning off all burners, disconnecting the propane tank if applicable, and removing the burners only when they’re completely cooled. Grills are usually shipped with a cotter pin holding the burners in place, so you’ll have to use needle-nose pliers to remove the pin before you can take the burners out of the grill body. Most grills also have a screen where the burner is inserted, so be sure to dust it off while you have access to it. From there, cleaning a gas grill burner is fairly easy:

    1. Check the burner’s orifice and air shutter for debris, using a bottle brush to clean if necessary

    2. Use a paperclip to unclog the tiny ports that run down the burner

    3. If your style of burner has a crossover channel, scrape away any soot with the paperclip

    4. Pump canned or compressed air through the burner opening to force out ash and debris

    5. Shake the burner to get any stubborn bits of debris to fall out

    6. Wipe any grime on the exterior of the burner with a grill brush

  • Tony scrubbing a gas grill's burner.

You’ll know it’s time to clean your burners if the flames are spotty (which indicates clogged ports), if the flames are continually orange (from too much soot inside the burner), or if they just look grimy. How frequently you need to clean them depends on the quality of your grill, what you cook, and how often you cook, but it’s an essential step of proper grill maintenance.

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