What You Need to Know About Installing an Outdoor TV

With outdoor TVs gaining more and more popularity—thanks to more durable designs and more accessible price points—the most logical question after purchase then becomes: “Where do I put it?” While installing a TV in your backyard isn’t complicated, there are a few more factors to be aware of (especially in comparison to the installation of an indoor unit). Read on to see our recommendations, tips, and tricks for effectively mounting your outdoor TV.

Choosing the Best Place to Mount

Lakeside patio with large outdoor TV The first thing you’ll need to consider is power. Where is the power source in your backyard that your TV will plug into? If you’re planning to connect components inside or run power to your outdoor space, we recommend consulting a contractor.

Secondly, when placing your TV mount, it’s important to avoid direct heat sources such as fireplaces, patio heaters, and cooking equipment like a grill or outdoor oven. These heating units can severely damage your outdoor TV setup, causing components to malfunction due to high temperatures or the screen to melt/warp—possibly leading to a fire if the TV has flammable parts.

The type of TV you choose won’t affect how you mount it, but it will affect where. Full sun TVs are designed for direct exposure to sunlight and can handle glare and maintain visibility. Partial sun TVs are suited for areas with a mix of sunlight and shade and can balance brightness for clear viewing. Finally, shade TVs are meant to be mounted in a location with little to no direct sunlight, and often provide standard screen brightness levels.

As far as mounting goes, there are a few types available to you, the most popular being a wall mount in which a TV is attached directly to an exterior wall. There are also options for ceiling mounts when there is little wall space available, pole mounts when there is no wall at all, and freestanding mounts that allow for mobility when positioning a TV.

Mounting Your TV: Step-by-Step

To properly wall mount your outdoor television you’ll need the right tools and hardware. We recommend a drill or hammer drill (if mounting to masonry), a hammer, a wrench, the outdoor-rated TV mount, the actual outdoor-rated TV, painter’s tape, and a shop vacuum to clean the area after installation. Before getting started, we recommend grabbing a friend to help as a single-person installation can be difficult and even dangerous. Start by unboxing your outdoor TV and placing it on a large, flat, sturdy surface with the screen side down. Make sure to use a blanket or towel to protect the screen.

  1. Step 1: Attach the Bracket to TV - Attach the arms to the TV to allow yourself to measure from the mounting hooks to the bottom of the TV. Use this measurement and tape to mark where the bottom of the TV is and tape out an outline for a rough idea of how the TV will look—and ensure it will fit in your desired location.
  2. Step 2: Locate Studs - Use a stud finder to locate studs at the desired height for your outdoor TV installation and mark them using a pencil. If installing into masonry (brick, concrete, etc.), skip this step.
  3. Step 3: Drill Pilot Holes - Align wall bracket with your marks and drill holes according to manufacturer’s size/depth recommendations for the anchors. One side of the mounting holes will need to go into a stud if mounting on a standard wall. Install anchors anywhere you don't have a stud.
  4. Step 4: Attach the Wall Plate - Position wall plate over holes, aligning them with the anchors. Use a drill to secure the wall plate to the stud and anchors. Make sure plate is securely attached to the masonry. Most wall brackets include a bolt-mounting system for additional strength and weight bearing. Use a wrench to secure mounting bracket to the wall using the included lag bolts.
  5. Step 5: Attach TV to Wall Mount - With the help of another person, carefully lift the TV and hook the brackets onto the wall plate. Ensure the brackets engage securely by carefully checking behind the television.

The TV's Up! What Next?

family enjoying outdoor TV in outdoor dining space After connecting any components and concealing any of the cables—for a tidy (and safe) entertainment area—simply plug in the TV, sit back, and enjoy! Also be sure to adhere to the best practices for maintaining and cleaning your outdoor TV, which our experts have compiled on your behalf. Though, while we have you, we recommend, at the very least, investing in an outdoor TV cover, to protect from dust, dirt, and other elements.

Of course, if you’re unsure which outdoor TV is right for you and your outdoor space, visit our Outdoor TV Buying Guide for all the relevant information to consider before making a purchase. Whichever make or model you go with, rest assured your backyard will soon become a popular destination for gamedays and movie nights, and you’ll have your wall mounted TV to thank for that.