Never waste a beautiful day indoors again. Instead, immerse yourself in an impeccable outdoor kitchen designed exactly to your needs. There you can rotate the juiciest steak on the piping hot grill, spin pizzas in the outdoor oven, and enjoy the never-ending flow of your favorite beer on tap. Your outdoor kitchen will be your favorite place in the home, so to say they’re worth the investment would be an understatement.

5 Reasons to Own an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen with furniture and fireplace

Outdoor Kitchens Expand Household Living Space

Your backyard serves as an extension of your indoor space and is a complete entertainment station, ready to help you host guests at any moment. Serve amazing meals from your grill, wine from your wine cooler, and watch a movie on your outdoor tv. All the comforts of home can be brought outdoors.
hosting guests in an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens Widen Private Hosting Opportunities

Think of all the special occasions you’ll host with an outdoor kitchen. Evening socials and soirees are an excellent excuse to have over friends and family. You can even get the team together for a spectacular game day bash. The party possibilities are nearly endless.
white brick outdoor kitchen with TEC grill

Outdoor Kitchens Can Lower Everyday Utility Bills

Stoves, ovens, and other large indoor kitchen appliances heat the ambient temperature and make the room hotter, meaning your air conditioner will work harder to keep up. Lighting is also necessary indoors but increases your electricity use. By bringing the cooking outside, you can enjoy the atmosphere while keeping your bill down.
outdoor kitchen with large bar table at sunset

Outdoor Kitchens Encourage More Time Outside

A little sunshine can do everyone some good. Enjoy the fresh air and breeze, get some quality family time out of the house without ever having to leave your home. Build yourself a backyard retreat and you can escape there anytime you like.
outdoor kitchen with built-in pizza oven, gas grill, and kamado grill

Outdoor Kitchens Increase House Resale Value

Year after year, outdoor kitchens edge closer toward the “must-have” column of the new homeowner’s checklist. And why not? They offer plenty of perks. Depending on local laws, your kitchen can even add to your home’s square footage. Build it now, enjoy it now, sell it later! Or buy portable grill islands and take them with you when you move.

What to Ask When Building an Outdoor Kitchen

small outdoor kitchen with conversation set

What Should My Outdoor Kitchen Budget Be?

Figuring out the budget depends a lot on how it’ll be built. Factors like whether you’re building it yourself DIY-style or hiring a licensed contractor will affect the overall spend. Learn more by checking out our How Much Should an Outdoor Kitchen Cost article.

cooking food on a built-in gas grill

How Will I Be Using My Outdoor Kitchen?

Give some thought to what you plan to do with that outdoor kitchen. Hosting larger parties, like family reunions? Entertaining friends? Looking to have a complete outdoor retreat? These answers will help determine your project’s scope.

rustic inspired luxury outdoor kitchen

How Do I Choose an Outdoor Kitchen Aesthetic?

Whether you want the pastoral atmosphere of the Mediterranean cottage or the exotic passion of a Cuban cabana, an outdoor kitchen is a great opportunity to let your style shine. For some extra inspiration, check out our Outdoor Kitchen Ideas page.

Blaze L-shaped outdoor kitchen

How Often Will I Use My Outdoor Kitchen?

Plan to entertain often? How many guests do you expect to host on average? Are you aiming for the immediate family or are you planning to schedule a whole reunion? These basic questions should be answered as you begin planning your outdoor kitchen.

How to Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Last Year-Round

Your backyard paradise isn’t just for summer. As Winter descends, take time to prep your patio for colder weather. Outdoor heating solutions such as patio heaters, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pit conversation sets offer year-round hosting value, plus the colder it gets, the better the payoff.

fire pit furniture set

Fall Back on a Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great answer to crisp, cool autumn weather. They’re perfect for keeping warm on chilly nights, making gooey molten s’mores, and curling up with a loved one. When cold fronts settle in, don’t abandon your outdoor space. Consider squeezing in the glowing warmth of a fire pit. They really offer fantastic customization for just about any aesthetic and, for those of you who really love building neat stuff with your bare hands, plenty of opportunity for DIY to be proud of.

Outdoor entertainment space with patio heater and fireplace

Patio Heaters Kill the Chill

Long nights and frosty air don’t mean it’s time to end the party. Instead, invest in a patio heater. When you can bathe your entire outdoor kitchen in calm infrared heat, there’s no need to abandon your hard-earned investment. If you’re worried about the aesthetics, we’ve got your covered. Our selection includes an assortment of freestanding designs, mounting styles, and fuel types for any lifestyle, meant to blend seamlessly into the background.

Outdoor Kitchen bar sink station with jars of lemonade

Raise the Bar with Spirited Refreshment

Why stop at just a grill when you can opt for a complete home bar? Bars are always in season and let you enjoy more hosting opportunities, trading out bar tabs for top-shelf bottles, and the best part is closing time runs on your time. With no last call, the party can keep going all night. Luckily, we carry bar centers, kitchen sinks and more for a complete setup.

Outdoor Kitchen Extras

Outdoor Patio Living room with fireplace and TV

Outdoor Kitchen Furniture

Nothing keeps the party going into the night like premium relaxation options. We offer luxury patio furniture for all your needs, and we mean it! Turn an open patio into excellent seating with outdoor bar height tables, deep seating conversational sets, or warm up with a fire pit set.

Shop Outdoor Patio Furniture

modern white outdoor kitchen with wall-mounted outdoor TV

Outdoor TVs

Put a premium outdoor television in any gathering area, and you’ll transform it into the best seat in the house. These TVs are built rugged and weatherproof to withstand the rain, the sleet, and the sun. Better yet, our selection of outdoor TVs includes stellar 4K picture options for maximum video quality.

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Final Thoughts on Outdoor Kitchens

From the utility savings and year-round enjoyment to the sheer breadth of hosting opportunities, there are boundless perks to building out the barbecue backyard of your dreams. So long as you have the budget and capability to afford the investment, we think that you’ll find a lot to love for years to come.

If you have any questions, give our experts a call at (877) 743-2269 to get help planning your perfect backyard. You should also check out our Outdoor Kitchen 3D Design Service for help planning your complete outdoor space.