Best Electric Grills for 2024

Top Rated Electric Grills

Electric grills are safe, cook evenly, clean up easily, and are perfect for families or those in constrained spaces (think small yards and balconies), while painless to light or operate; forget hassling with fire or adjusting gas flames. Many condos and apartments won’t allow gas or charcoal grills but will allow electric grills. Modern electric grills offer high performance previously unheard of, and are being produced by some of the top names in grilling.

  • Quality - The best electric grills include solid design and construction. Stainless steel jumps the line, thanks to unbeatable heat retention and outdoor longevity in the category. Other considerations include sturdy insulation intelligently-designed rapid heating elements. Warranties are fairly sparse, so we also prioritize strong guarantees from competent brands.

  • Performance - Expectations include a great electric grill that reaches temperatures hot enough to sear steak, yet low enough for gentle sizzle on delicate dishes — while easy overall to use. Minimum and maximum temperatures can be constrained due to their heating elements and electrical wiring, but our experts demand capable performance.

  • Features - Electric grills must distinguish themselves from their competition through unique, thoughtful bonuses. Some of these extras might include safety timer shut-offs, digital temperature controllers, and unique flame tamers that protect the heating elements from drippings and splatters.

Best Overall Electric Grill

Electri-Chef Emerald Pedestal-Base Electric Grill

Electri-Chef Emerald Electric Grill

What We Love:

  • 304-grade stainless steel construction guarantees long lasting durability
  • 3520 watts of cooking power evenly heats all 336 square inches of cooking grates
  • Stainless steel cooking grates and grease trays make for simple clean-up after a cookout

Honorable Mentions:

Best Built-In Electric Grill

Fire Magic Electric EL500 Electric Grill

Fire Magic Electric EL500 Built-In Electric Grill

What We Love:

  • Preheat time of less than 15 minutes gets you cooking quickly
  • 700℉ peak temps and Diamond Sear cooking grids create steakhouse quality sear marks
  • Bluetooth enabled control panel allows you to control your grill from anywhere

Honorable Mentions:

Best Portable Electric Grill

Weber Q 2400 Portable 1560 Watt Electric Grill

Weber Q 2400 Portable Electric Grill

What We Love:

  • Infinite control burner valve lets you to pick the perfect temperature for any cookout
  • Included removable drip-pan helps keep clean-up fast and easy
  • Aluminum heat retention liners make sure your grill holds heat and evenly spreads it across the cooking surface

Honorable Mentions: