What's the difference between bistro height (~30 inches) and bar height tables (~42 inches), and what size chair is needed? This guide to table and chair heights covers the standard sizes of outdoor tables and outdoor chairs to effectively help you find the furniture pieces needed to comfortably accommodate you and your guests for any backyard gathering.

Patio Table & Chair Heights

Outdoor End Tables - 0-19 inches tall

Outdoor End Tables | Accent Tables

Outdoor end tables are available in a variety of styles and materials. The most common height of an outdoor end table is 19 inches. These outdoor end tables work well at the endpoint of a sofa or loveseat, as well as when paired with smaller outdoor chairs for creating compact seating areas.

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Coffee Tables - 0-19 inches tall

Coffee Tables

Much like their indoor counterparts, outdoor coffee tables are a terrific addition to seating sets and sectional sets. Adding a coffee table to your outdoor entertaining space can easily create more of a complete feeling to your patio. Commonly around 19 inches high, they're available in many materials including cast aluminum, wood, and polymer.

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Fire Pit Tables - 20-25 inches tall

Fire Pit Tables

Fire pit tables are 20-25 inches high and work well with club chairs, Adirondack chairs, and most outdoor chairs. Adding a fire pit table to your outdoor space is guaranteed to deliver instant ambiance. Make s'mores over your fire pit table in the summer months or cozy up to the fire on cool nights. The most common fuel source is propane, but other options include wood and natural gas. Occasionally, fire pit tables are offered as a counter height option.

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Bistro Tables - 20-30 inches tall, Bistro Chairs - 16-19 inches tall

Bistro Tables | Café Tables

Bistro tables are slightly taller than a traditional coffee table and are most frequently paired with a set of two outdoor dining chairs. Adding a bistro table to your outdoor space can help to pull everything together and serve as a functional and stylish piece of furniture.

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Dining Tables - 26-30 inches tall, Dining Chairs - 16-20 inches tall

Dining Tables

Dining tables, or standard height tables are typically 26-30 inches tall and are the most common table height. Because of this, they are available in a wide variety of sizes, finishes, and designs. When pairing outdoor dining chairs with dining tables, the best seat height is 16-19 inches.

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Counter Height Tables - 31-39 inches tall, Counter Height Chairs - 21-27 inches tall

Counter Height Tables | Gathering Tables

Counter height bar tables are 31-39 inches tall and are perfect for delivering a casual elegance to your outdoor dining area. They're also great for smaller patio spaces because they typically take up less space than a traditional dining set. Counter height bar stools typically range from 21 to 27 inches.

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Bar Height Tables - 40-49 inches tall, Bar Height Chairs - 28-33 inches tall

Bar Height Tables | High Top Tables

Perfect for sitting or standing, bar height tables commonly range from 40 to 49 inches, while bar height bar stools are between 28 and 33 inches. Bar height bar sets are perfect for parties or for casual dinners with the family. They are a great addition to add some personality and functionality to your outdoor space.

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