Iverstine Farms Butcher in Baton Rouge: Porterhouse Grilled to Perfection
On the Go with BBQGuys, Pilot Episode

In the pilot episode of On the Go with BBQGuys, Grill Master Randy visits the Iverstine Farms Butcher shop to pick up a thick, locally raised porterhouse steak. Iverstine’s is a family farm, full-service butcher shop, and smokehouse that provides pasture-raised, farm-to-table meats for the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area. But first, Randy makes a stop at the steakhouse where he initially earned his chops. Our favorite bearded BBQer then finishes his day the right way — enjoying an ice-cold beer and grilling that porterhouse on a PK360 Cast Aluminum Charcoal Grill & Smoker.

Thanks to: Iverstine Farms

Grill Master Randy’s full recipe: Porterhouse Steak with Balsamic Steak Sauce

Featured grill: Portable Kitchen PK360 Cast Aluminum Charcoal Grill & Smoker

Featured in On the Go: Iverstine Farms Butcher