Kamado Grills Haven't Stopped Evolving

Though Big Green Egg started the American kamado craze in the 1970s, kamado grills didn’t stop changing once they arrived from Japan. The industry has seen wave after wave of innovations throughout the years — Primo swapped the traditional egg shape for an oval, and Kamado Joe introduced many new cooking systems. Our experts have tested every single fresh take on the kamado grill, and we stand by the wide variety of kamados that exist today.

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Kamado Joe Kamado Grills

Ever since its founding in 2009, Kamado Joe has been a constant innovator in the kamado world. Kamado Joe may be best known for its line of accessories that greatly improve cooking versatility, but we’ve gotten our hands on enough of the company’s kamados to know it makes a grill to be reckoned with, too. Chef Tony and the rest of our team of experts have compared the key features of models from both Kamado Joe and Big Green to help you understand how these industry mainstays stack up against each other.

Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Comparison

Primo Ceramic Kamado Grills

Primo is another well-known name among kamado-lovers, most notably for its biggest innovation — developing an oval-shaped kamado as opposed to yet another round one. This break from tradition may seem minor, but it actually increases cooking versatility by making 2-zone cooking possible within the grilling chamber. Primo kamado grills are also made in the USA with a high degree of craftsmanship. Add it all together, and you’ve got a kamado on the same level as Big Green Egg. Just ask our experts!

Primo VS Big Green Egg Comparison

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As the grilling experts, we've taken the top kamado grill brands including Big Green Egg, Blaze, Primo, Kamado Joe, and Coyote and compared every detail about them. Decide for yourself which kamado grill is best for you! Kamado Grills Comparison Chart

Blaze | Just That Tough

Blaze introduced the industry’s first-ever cast aluminum kamado grill, which is among the most durable models out there. With poured cast aluminum walls measuring 1 inch in thickness and an interlocking metal tongue-and-groove system that seals in heat, this kamado can reach extreme searing temperatures and withstand even the most punishing usage. Don’t believe us? See for yourself below!

Blaze Kamado Explosive Durability Test

In this video, we put the Blaze cast aluminum kamado through the ultimate durability test to see how it stacks up against its ceramic competitors. We first see how each type of kamado can handle a shot from a .460 Magnum, then we pack 2 pounds of the explosive substance known as Tannerite into both grills to… well… blow them up! The result is a sky-high explosion you don’t want to miss.

Blaze Kamado Saltwater Durability Test

Cast aluminum is a highly durable material because it can never rust, but how well can it handle the effects of saltwater? To find out, we submerged a Blaze kamado in saltwater less than a mile from the Gulf of Mexico. Seven weeks later, we returned to clean it off and put it through a high-heat grilling test just to be sure the saltwater didn’t do more damage than was apparent to the naked eye.

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At BBQGuys, we’ve been testing and selling grills for over 20 years. Our BBQ experts put that experience to use by ranking the top kamado grills based on their quality, performance, and innovative features. They’ve curated the best models in various sizes and configurations to help you step up to a new and better kamado this year! Best Kamado Grills | Metal & Ceramic

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