Comparison Summary

Big Green Egg:

  • Made in Mexico
  • Biggest name in the kamado industry, company established in 1974
  • High-fire ceramics and glaze backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Basic one level cooking system
  • Available in 10", 13", 15", 18.25", 24", and 29" diameter
  • Many accessories available, all sold separately
  • Not sold online


Each Primo ceramic grill is carefully manufactured in the USA. Primo starts with raw materials that are harvested in the United States to make the ceramics. The molding, drying, firing, hand assembly and packaging of Primo ceramic grills all take place at their manufacturing plant located in Tucker, Georgia.

Primo is extremely proud of the American ingenuity and quality craftsmanship that they put into each of their ceramic grills. It's no wonder that 4 out of 5 Americans prefer products made in the USA. Surprisingly, most other major ceramic grill companies purchase their grills from foreign companies rather than making the grills themselves.

Primo Grills are truly American as apple pie, in fact you can bake one on any of their grills.

Oval Beats Round Every Time

While Big Green Egg includes a totally functional cooking system, it has one level, which doesn't provide much room for versatility without purchasing accessories sold separately.

Primo's patented oval shape delivers the highest cooking flexibility and efficiency of any other ceramic grill. It creates two different and distinct cooking zones. If you've ever tried to grill a steak and vegetables at the same time it's likely that the steak came out fine, but the vegetables came out too charred. Or you had to roast the vegetable first, then keep them warm while you grill the steaks. Primo ran into the same problem. Now you know why they developed the Primo Oval.

Primo's Oval Design gives you more control when cooking foods that require different temperatures and locations to the natural lump charcoal. Commonly referred to as "two-zone" cooking, it's the ability to simultaneously cook with direct and indirect heat. It's similar to turning off half the burners on a gas grill, but Primo offers all the flavor of a natural wood fire!

Grill thick sizzling bone-in ribeyes while roasting farm fresh corn on the cob on the other side. Round ceramic grills may promise, but can't deliver the extremely efficient cooking abilities of a Primo Oval.

Primo's Multiple Cooking Methods

Primo's Multiple Cooking Methods

Grill mouthwatering juicy cheeseburgers, bake authentic wood-fired pizza, roast a turkey, or smoke a beef brisket to tender perfection. Virtually any food and recipe can be cooked on a Primo Oval Grill.

A Primo Grill allows you to grill, bake, roast, smoke, sear, braise, sauté, barbecue, carmelize, flambé, broil, fricassee, pan-fry, baste, parboil, boil, poach, scallop, simmer, stew, stir-fry, and more.

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