Prep Time:  30 mins
Cook Time:  10.5-13 hrs
Total Time:  11-13.5 hrs
Servings:  8-10

Is there anything more unabashedly BBQ than a smoked brisket? There might be a few contenders, but none can stand in the way of this incredible brisket recipe courtesy of Grill Master Randy. Despite weighing in at a whopping 17 pounds, Randy’s brisket requires only a handful of ingredients and to achieve perfection in the Primo Oval XL kamado. Sure, the apple wood chunks and bourbon-infused drip pan play a role, but when you’ve got a brisket this big and beautiful, the meat speaks for itself. Be warned: you may be shipped preemptive competition BBQ trophies just for reading this smoked brisket recipe.


Ingredients for Spray Bottle

  • 50/50 blend water and apple cider vinegar

Ingredients for Brisket

  • 14–17 lb prime brisket
  • ¾ cup kosher salt
  • ¾ cup black pepper
  • 4–6 apple wood chunks

Ingredients for Drip Pan

  • 50/50 blend apple juice and bourbon

Items You'll Need


  1. Mix together the water and apple cider vinegar, then transfer the mixture to a spray bottle. Set aside.
  2. On a clean work surface, locate the fat cap on the brisket and trim it down to about ¼ inch thick.
  3. Combine salt and pepper for the brisket rub, then generously season the brisket on all sides. Let the meat sit and reach room temp while you get the grill ready.
  4. Fill your Primo (or other kamado) grill with lump charcoal to about the vent hole’s level. Toss in some quick-light starters in different spots to help coals ignite evenly. Once they start to burn, give the coals a stir with long-handled tongs.
  5. Add the wood chunks in several spots on top of the coals.
  6. Wood chunks on top of charcoal pile in kamado grill
  7. Close the lid and fully open the top and bottom vents for the fastest preheat.
  8. Pour your 50/50 blend of apple juice and bourbon into a deep, drip pan. (NOTE: You may need to add water later in the cook if your pan doesn’t hold enough liquid for this long of a smoke session.)
  9. Insert deflector plates over the coals and wood chunks, then place the drip pan on the deflector plates. Set in the cooking grates to complete your setup.
  10. Close the lid and set the top vent to about ¼ inch open, and the bottom vent to about ½ inch open. From here, allow the kamado grill to stabilize around 280°F.
  11. Once the grill has reached the appropriate temperature, place the brisket in the center of the grill, fat cap up.
  12. Place a temp probe at grate level to monitor the temperatures inside the grill. Insert a secondary internal probe in the thickest section of the brisket so you can monitor its progress throughout the cook. Close the lid and let it ride.
  13. Spraying brisket with apple cider vinegar mixture
  14. Every few hours or so, spray the edges of the brisket with your spray-bottle mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. This will prevent them from getting too charred.
  15. Once the brisket reaches an internal temperature of 180°F, generously spray the brisket, remove it from the grill, and wrap it in heavy-duty foil.
  16. Put your brisket back on the grill, reinsert your internal temperature probe, and let it smoke until it achieves an internal temperature of 200°F.
  17. At 200°F internal, remove the brisket from the grill and allow it to rest for between 30 minutes and an hour.
  18. Slice, enjoy, and dream up awesome ways to use the leftovers! (If you have leftovers, that is.)
  19. Slicing through juicy smoked brisket