Benefits of Fire Pits

Why Buy a Fire Pit?

Quick Answer: Fire pits are a great way to relax and unwind with family and friends.

Frankly, they’re an incredible way to spend quality time with loved ones as well as bringing the great outdoors to your own backyard. Want to keep the kids mesmerized while the adults chat? Need the perfect excuse to rally up the friends for old times’ sake? Fire pits invoke the traditional bonfire (which, let’s be honest, are about as American as apple pie) while pulling out all the stops on class, elegance, and stunning sophistication. Not to mention their luxury decorum — with charm to spare, fire pit pieces can take any tastefully decorated space to a new height of magnificent splendor.

Advantages of an Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Multi-Season Space

    Working tirelessly year-round, fire pits are soothing warmth and light generators that preserve your patio intimacy while giving chilly nights the cold shoulder.

  • Extend the Festivities

    Fire pits provide continued entertainment long into the night for any party — and are a perfect way to end a quality evening with close friends.

  • Add Ambiance

    Fire pits brighten and cozy up the atmosphere — whether your intention is a general sense of calming serenity or a cozy, romantic ambience for couples.

  • Gathering Place for Family

    Fire pits make versatile backdrops: they’re amazing for families with children, telling spooky ghost stories across the dramatic shadows, and building lifelong memories.

  • Social Hot Spot

    Every cocktail party or conversational function seated around a luxury fire pit table sets the standard of excellence for many socials to come.

  • Affordable Investment

    Not only are fire pits friendly to the wallet, their benefits are worth the time and money — and they’re strikingly easy projects for any DIYer.

  • Require Little Maintenance

    Other than inspecting gas connections (unless burning a wood fire pit), fire pits only require basic soot cleaning and their parts endure for countless years.

  • Fun Cooking Tool

    Wood fire pits are outstanding for roasting marshmallows and s’mores, while fire pit grills encourage the fulfilling, primordial sensations of outdoor wood-fired cooking.

Fun Ways to Incorporate a Fire Pit

  • Wood Fire Pits are Great for Families

    Wood fire pits are the most economical way to bask in that warm, soothing glow. Not only are they built in shapes and sizes for any space — no matter how wild or tame — but they’re safe for cooking with hardwood (we’re being specific, as burning softwood involves burning bad chemicals). Love the outdoors but can’t slip away into the woods as often as you’d like? Why not bring the campfire experience home to share with friends and family? There’s nothing better than the wafting smoke and crackle of a real wood fire to send you to a place of Zen.

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  • Fire Pit Grills Produce Amazing Meals

    If you’re all about real wood cooking, congratulations: you’ve found utopia. Fire pit grills use a permanent or removable grill grate to cook over the fire as though it were a charcoal grill. Ever had an actual wood-fired steak? It really awakens a primal, instinctual sense of satisfaction inside, doesn’t it? Those juicy drippings over burning wood (again, hardwood only) result in intense smokiness and robust flavors — it’s enough to awaken that inner caveman in just about anybody. Lacking gas hookups, most fire pit grills and wood fire pits are also conveniently portable, offering plenty of versatility in placement.

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  • Building Your Own Gas Fire Pit is Easy and Fun

    What’s the most perfect fire pit for your outdoor space? Why, one you build yourself! Learn how to build your own gas fire pit and wield complete creative control from the enclosure shape to the behavior of the flame. You can even choose the color and type of fire media that complements that swaying fervor. Go further by building a custom seating area around the pit (or grab one of our great deals on outdoor patio furniture) to make a cozy, toasty spot. Involve a certified plumber and you’ll bypass hassle with bulk LP or natural gas, providing effortless ignition.

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Top Fire Pit Brands

Fire Pits Can Make a Bold Impression

Most luxury fire pits available on today’s market are off-the-shelf models that run on gas. Some of these are pricy, but the advantage of heightened elegance is simply worth every penny. After all, every luxury outdoor space needs warmth — and fire pits paired with patio heaters are the ultimate way to warm your space in style. Make these minor additions, and they’ll make the difference between bland décor and an unforgettable, emotionally appealing space.

  • Fire Pit Bowls Add Grandeur to an Outdoor Space

    Every great temple in the movies has them, and what is your home if not your temple? From subtlety to spectacle, fire pit bowls truly provide it all. If your needs call for nuance, invest in smaller bowls to top your finished columns with controlled flare (and flair). Then again, never be afraid to dream a little bigger: why not command attention and redefine ambience with a roaring blaze? But size isn't everything, and the varied styles and materials of your fire pit bowl will offer just as much legwork in your outdoor space's aesthetics. Fancy an oil-rubbed bronze fire pit for that Old World taste? Interested in the volcanic appeal of blackened shale? With shapes and ignitions aplenty, you'll rule your very own temple yet.

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  • Fire Pit Tables Provide the Perfect Centerpiece for Dinner Parties

    Change our minds: nothing whispers “elegance” like dining in the wafting glow of a luxury fire pit table set. Ranging from fire pits with large ledges for dishes and drinks to actual dining table fire features, these come in several heights to accommodate a wide variety of seating choices. Large, low-height fire pit tables create warm, inviting excuses for conversational lounging — whereas taller pits (the cornerstone of fire pit patio sets) provide blazing centerpieces for charming cocktail soirees or fondue dinner parties. Already have the seating? Tabletop fire pits provide the same effect and volume for regular dining or coffee tables.

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