Reflective vs Non-Reflective Fire Glass

Reflective vs Non-Reflective Fire Glass

Fire glass is a great way to conceal your burner while adding a contemporary look to your fire pit or fireplace. While there are many options when it comes to fire glass, two options to consider are Reflective and Non-Reflective.

Non-Reflective Fire Glass

Non-reflective, or standard fire glass is a great way to add a stylish, contemporary look. It is uniform in color on all sides and will add brilliant color to a fire pit. When burning, it will give that elegant liquid flame look.

Reflective Fire Glass

Reflective fire glass has a polished mirrored finish on one side. This mirror-like finish creates a dazzling sparkle effect for a brighter, more interesting fire. Reflective fire glass looks great with or without fire and intensifies when lit by reflecting the light of the flames.

Side by Side Comparison

We have compared some of the popular fire glass colors in both non-reflective and reflective versions to show you the difference. Non-Reflective is on the left. Reflective is on the right.