Things to Consider When Buying a Fire Pit:

Fire Pit Fuel Type

Fuel Type

Wood-Burning Fire Pits

The closest thing to a real campfire, wood-burning fire pits are a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts. They are capable of delivering a larger, hotter fire than a gas fire pit generates. The only drawback is that starting a fire from scratch can be difficult for some. They also produce ash and require some cleanup after use.

Propane Fire Pits

Providing both beauty and convenience, propane fire pits light with the push of a button. The attached fuel tank means they can also be easily moved to change up your space for different occasions. While some worry about the upfront costs associated with propane, most appreciate its capacity to outperform natural gas while burning cleanly and requiring no cleanup.

Natural Gas Fire Pits

The entertainer’s choice. A natural gas fire pit is the priciest option in terms of the actual unit. They are, however, the most cost efficient to run once installation is complete. Having a gas line run to your fire pit by a licensed professional eliminates the need for an unsightly tank and allows for effortless ignition.


  • Steel Fire Pits

    • • Comes in a variety of types, ranging across price and quality.
    • • Steel is typically stained to achieve a particular look.
    • • Unprotected steel will rust over time.
    • • Powder coacted steel maintains its appearence.
  • Stainless Steel Fire Pits

    • • Rust, weather and heat resistant.
    • • Durable and light weight metal, will remain in good condition for years with proper maintenance.
    • • Can be more costly than other materials.
  • Aluminum Fire Pits

    • • Intergrates well with most patio sets
    • • Low maintenance.
    • • Lightweight material.
  • Cast Aluminum Fire Pits

    • • Best product for typical outdoor enthusiasts.
    • • Will not rust.
    • • Designed for year-round use in any climate.
    • • Not as lightweight as aluminum but can be easily moved.
  • Copper Fire Pits

    • • Among the best quality in fire pit materials.
    • • Durable and will not rust over time.
    • • Shiny surface will weather and develop a classic green patina after years of use.
    • • If you prefer the original finish, surface treatments are available to preserve the copper color.
  • Faux Stone & Concrete Fire Pits

    • • Durable and weather-resistant.
    • • Most commonly made with a solid steel frame and mesh body.
    • • Stone and bricks are applied using masonry techniques.
    • • Heavy material.
  • Polyresin Fire Pits

    • • Durable material that imitates the look of natural stone.
    • • Lighter weight and lower priced than faux stone.
    • • Sturdy.

Fire Pit Function


Decorative Fire Pits

A decorative fire pit provides the perfect outdoor accent and creates an automatic gathering spot for family and friends. With so many different choices of cutouts and motifs you are sure to find one you'll love.

Fire Pit Grills

Many fire pits come with a cooking grate so they can easily double as a grill. This makes them a unique and versatile option with a rustic feel.

Fire Pit Tables

Fire pit tables bring warmth to an outdoor area while also providing a focal point for guests to gather.

DIY Fire Pits

Do It Yourself

DIY Fire Pits

Fire Pits are the perfect way to extend your backyard use and enjoy time with family and friends. A DIY Fire Pit can be one way to get exactly what you are looking for because the options to customize are endless. We offer the parts and advice to make your DIY project fun and easy.

What is the warranty information for the available fire pits?

To compare warranty information on our fire pits, consult our fire pit warranty charts. For detailed warranty information, please see user manuals.

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