Infrared Gas Grill
  • 1. Use Your Infrared Burner

    Infrared burners are the secret to grilling the perfect steak. They allow you to get a nice sear on the outside while preserving all the flavor and moisture on the inside. Depending on your grill, if you don't already have an infrared burner it may be possible to install one. Adding an infrared burner to your grill is like having a whole new grill, and we think you'll love using it to grill steaks and chops. But, if your grill can't accommodate an infrared burner, maybe it's time to compliment the grill with an infrared side burner. Bring the steakhouse experience home, use your infrared!

  • Improve Your Grilling Surface

    2. Improve Your Grilling Surface

    A lot of grills on the market come with stainless steel grates. But for those that don't come with high quality grates, swapping your grilling surface with grill grates from Grillgrates will allow you to instantly upgrade your experience while using your existing grill. These grates are made of aircraft grade aluminum that goes through a natural hardening process to make them extra durable. What this all means is that the grates can withstand temperatures up to 1000° F, and they conduct heat better than steel or cast iron. The result? Perfect, beautiful sear lines, whether your grilling steaks, chicken, or veggies. Every one will fall in love with your grilling skills and proclaim you the Grill Master!

    GrillGrate Anodized Surface Kit Overview
    Clean Your Grill for Better Flavor

    3. Clean Your Grill for Better Flavor

    There's no doubts about it, a dirty grill affects the flavor of your BBQ. So give your grill some love and clean it up good. Grab a brush and clean those grates up so they are shiny again. To remove scratches from stainless steel, we recommend using Scratch-B-Gone scratch removal kit.

    Pizza Stone

    4. Make Pizza on Your Grill

    The best way to fall in love with your grill is to try something completely different. So, if you haven't already, grill a pizza! Your grill can get much hotter than your indoor oven, plus it's more fun to cook outdoors. Throw in some wood chips, and the extra aromas will turn your pizza into something extraordinary.

    Wood Chip Smoker Box

    5. Give Wood Chips a Try

    If you've got a gas grill, the best way to infuse more flavor in your food is to use wood chips. There's a wide variety of flavors to choose from, including apple, hickory, cherry, and more. Fall in love with your grill and the smoky aromatics of wood! And if your grill doesn't come with a smoker box, we have plenty to choose from.

    BBQ Griddle

    6. Use a Griddle with your Grill

    Cook eggs, pancakes, fry bacon, or make some hash browns, outside on the grill! Who says a grill should only be used for BBQ? Definitely not us. Using your grill in new ways will add some excitement in your outdoor cooking. Take our word for it!

    Maverick Redi-Chek Wireless Digital BBQ Thermometer With Two Hybrid Probes

    7. Use the Latest BBQ Gadgets for High Tech Grilling

    Become the king of the grill with this Maverick Redi-Check wirelss dual probe thermometer and timer. Featuring a weather resistant transmitter base and wireless receiver, this unit provides accurate temperature readings from up to 300 feet away. The base has two hybrid probes that allow you to monitor two (2) foods at once, one (1) food and one (1) grill, or two (2) foods or two (2) grills.


    8. Light Your Charcoal Faster & Easier

    Just say no to lighter fluid! Show your grill some appreciation, don't use harsh chemicals on it. Electric charcoal starters, like the one shown, can have your fire lit in under a minute. That gives you more time to entertain, relax, and enjoy yourself without having to worry about getting the fire going. Skipping the lighter fluid is also beneficial because you won't get that chemical taste in your food.

    Barbecue Starter Without Harmful Chemicals
    Rotisserie Kit

    9. Grill with a Rotisserie

    Rotisserie cooking is a great way to add more variety to your grilling expierence. Simply marinade your meat of choice, arrange it on the rotisserie, then turn it on and let it go! It's a nearly effortless way to grill, and the results are always delicious.

    How to Use a Rotisserie Kit
    Dessert On The Grill

    10. Grill Up a Dessert!

    Grilled dessert is an excellent way to end a night of grilling. Grilled pineapple, stuffed peaches, and apples are all delicious on the grill. We promised you'll be amazed at what your grill can do, and you'll love it even more.

    Homemade Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe