10 Essential Gas Grill Accessories

  • Gas is the most popular fuel type among grillers, most notably because of its convenience, temperature control, and high heat. But versatility and customizability are also huge benefits of gas grills, and that’s where accessories come in. The right set of gas grill accessories can take your grill from an ordinary backyard cooker to a well-rounded BBQ machine capable of cranking out pizzas and whole roasts as easily as steaks and burgers. Accessories elevate your grill game by opening up entirely new ways of cooking like low-and-slow smoking or baking on your gas grill.

    A good grilling tool set is essential and will simplify your cooking experience. Additionally, dependable grill cleaning tools can help extend the life of your grill and keep it looking like new. Whether you’re tired of grilling the same old thing every weekend or just want to personalize your grill, these 10 accessories will help you get the most out of your gas grill.

  • Stainless Steel Wood Chip Smoker Box
  • Smoker Boxes & Wood Chips

    Who says you can’t smoke food in a gas grill? A smoker box filled with flavorful wood chips can greatly expand your cooking options and allow you to create dishes that aren’t achievable under standard grilling conditions. The smoker boxes themselves are easy to use, and wood chips add delicious smokiness to your food while being free of additives. Cycle through tasty flavors like apple, hickory, and cherry until you find your favorite, or tap into your inner food scientist and mix different woods to craft your custom blend.

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  • Napoleon Rotisserie Grill Basket
  • Rotisserie Kits

    If slow-cooking is your thing, then a rotisserie kit is exactly what you need to produce massive, mouthwatering meats. Outdoor entertainers will love this hands-off grilling accessory, which cooks on its own by slowly rotating your food over infrared heat so it bastes itself in its own juices. Rotisseries can also handle more exotic items like fruit (pineapple, anyone?), and hooking up a rotisserie basket to your spit rod ensures you can roast just about anything, no matter how small. The only limit is your own imagination.

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  • Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Infrared Searing Side Burner
  • Infrared Sear Burners

    There’s searing on a conventional burner, and then there’s searing over infrared heat. Infrared sear burners are built to reach temperatures higher than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in an encrusted sear that covers your entire cut of meat and packs huge amounts of flavor. In addition to their intensely high heat, these burners preheat quickly so you can get a quick sear whenever your heart desires. Some models come as side burners, while others can easily be installed in your grill as a replacement for a conventional burner.

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  • Broil King 8 X 15-Inch Stainless Steel Rib & Roast Grill Rack
  • Grill Racks & Roasters

    Sometimes your main grilling surface just isn’t enough. Our wide selection of grill racks and roasters solve that problem by giving you additional space and methods for grilling all kinds of food. Expansion racks, for example, elevate your food above the grill grates to create more space and promote indirect cooking. There are also rib racks and poultry roasters for grilling larger pieces of meat, but we particularly love the grill baskets that let you roast small cuts and veggies without fear of them falling through the grates.

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  • Everdure Stainless Steel Teppanyaki Plate on an Everdure Furnace Gas Grill
  • BBQ Griddles

    With a griddle, you can transform a simple gas grill into your new favorite brunch spot and hibachi restaurant all at once. The high heat from this flat top accessory is perfect for a full breakfast spread of eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns, or you can take it in the other direction and whip up a mean stir fry that’ll leave your guests mesmerized and satisfied. Griddles are also sneaky good at providing an all-over crust when reverse searing a large cut of meat — if you can resist the urge to make breakfast on the grill, that is.

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  • Maverick Extended Range BBQ Thermometer W/ 4 Probes
  • BBQ Thermometers

    We believe every gas grill accessory featured here is essential (you did read the title of this article, didn’t you?), but BBQ thermometers are actually necessary when it comes to food safety. The only way to be completely certain that your food is safe to eat is to measure the internal temperature with a BBQ thermometer. Fortunately, some thermometers can transmit readings from up to 500 feet away or alert you through a smartphone app. Beyond the safety considerations, these accessories help grillers ensure food doesn’t come out overcooked or totally burned.

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  • Cuisinart 14-Piece Stainless Steel Deluxe Grilling Kit
  • Grill Cooking & Cleaning Tools

    From basting brushes to grill gadgets, it’s important to have a collection of tools to keep your grill running smoothly. Long-handled utensils make it safer to grill over high heat, while a slotted spatula helps prevent scalding food drippings from splashing on unsuspecting grillers. You should also look for a sturdy meat fork with curved tines that let you grab large cuts of meat with ease. Of course, none of those grilling tools matter if you don’t keep your pit healthy with grill cleaning brushes that remove harmful buildup from food.

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  • Napoleon 10-Inch Personal Sized Pizza Stone Set
  • Pizza Stones for Gas Grills

    Why order delivery when you can put together a delicious pizza in your own backyard? Pizza stones enhance the baking process within a grill, distributing heat evenly for the crispy, golden crust everyone craves. Ceramic pizza stones are particularly good at pulling moisture from the dough, not to mention that they don’t require seasoning before use. Once you’ve got pizza down, try using your stone to bake bread, cookies, and other desserts. Pizza stones come as either a simple grill topper or a full grate replacement.

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  • Eli Manning wearing a BBQGuys x Chef Works Memphis Bib BBQ Apron
  • BBQ Aprons & Gloves

    When it comes to accessorizing, your grill shouldn’t get to have all the fun. BBQ aprons and gloves offer a combination of safety and style that can bring backyard cooks one step closer to becoming a grill master. We strongly recommend a pair of high-heat gloves that protect your hands and forearms during searing sessions, allow you to safely hold grilling tools, and make it possible to transport hot cookware. Don’t forget to grab an apron, which shields you from stray liquids and gives you a chance to make a BBQ fashion statement.

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  • Napoleon 15 X 14-Inch Charcoal Tray For Prestige, Rogue And LEX
  • Charcoal Trays for Gas Grills

    These accessories provide grillers with the best of both worlds — the convenience and high heat of gas along with the smokiness of charcoal. All you have to do is place a loaded charcoal tray into on top of your grill grates, below your grill grates, or into a dedicated spot on your cooking surface. From there, simply light the nearest gas burner to ignite the charcoal and fill your grill with a smoky aroma. Charcoal trays are crucial for grillers who love to experiment or simply want to please everybody at the next cookout. The BBQGuys Experts recommend using all natural lump charcoal in a gas grill charcoal tray.

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