10 Essential Kamado Grill Accessories

  • Few contenders in the BBQ world rival the sheer versatility of a kamado grill. If you can conceive it, chances are a kamado can do it: smoking, baking, roasting, barbecuing, grilling, searing, and more are no match for this all-in-one juggernaut. Ceramic and aluminum are acclaimed for thermal insulative properties — withstanding intense temperatures, they not only absorb and slowly radiate collected heat, but lose far less energy in the process. In short? Kamados get hotter, stay hotter, and retain every ounce of that burning heat.

    With that said, raw power without control can only do so much, and kamado grills are no exception. Thanks to a wide world of kamado grill accessories, now any griller can take fine-tuned advantage of these properties to open up a whole new world of backyard entertainment. Many such accessories are branded — created by manufacturers for their specific shapes and sizes of kamado, such as the DoJoe pizza oven attachment or Joetisserie for Kamado Joe grills, or kamado grill covers in general. Proprietary add-ons have their place, but generic accessories will still exponentially widen your kamado's cooking capabilities. Our own experts have carefully curated these recommendations — helping any kamado owner squeeze the most functionality and ease out of their grill.

  • Weber 7447 RapidFire Compact Aluminized Charcoal Chimney
  • Weber 7447 RapidFire Compact Aluminized Charcoal Chimney
  • Heat Deflectors

    If you value cooking two dishes in the same space, a set of heat deflectors will be your kamado's best friend. These plates create a barrier between your heat source and your food, providing indirect heat — essential for baking and smoking, let alone utilizing separate temperatures. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes: as an example, the Primo cast iron firebox divider allows you to use dual zone cooking on Primo Oval kamados. Both Primo and Kamado Joe offer full and half-moon heat deflector plates for stronger indirect heat usage.

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  • KettlePizza Smokenator Hovergrill Grate Extender For 22-Inch Weber Kettle Charcoal Grills - HG1
  • Extended Cooking Racks

    Speaking of doing more at once, extended cooking racks are indispensable for the multi-tasker. Using them is a breeze: they simply perch above your existing cooking grates, providing your cookout an entirely new surface. Few things spoil a griller as much as extra work space; you might find it hard to go back to single-tier cooking! Generally speaking, kamado grills don't have secondary grilling racks like these — if you plan to feed a lot of people, or want a greater variety of dishes in your kamado, these can make all the difference.

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  • Maverick Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer W/ 4 Probes - XR-50
  • Remote BBQ Thermometers

    What could be better than knowing your food's temperature at a glance? Not having to walk hundreds of feet back to your grill to do it. Consider the possibilities: more time for working around the house, starting other dishes in the kitchen, entertaining guests... maybe even a quick nap. Whether you're running a quick salmon bake or an eight-hour low and slow brisket cook, the continuous monitoring of a remote BBQ thermometer offers deeper flexibility for your day with greater peace of mind. Who really wants to say no to that?

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  • Kamado Joe iKamand II Smart BBQ Temperature Controller For Classic 18-Inch Grills - KJ-IKAMANDNA
  • Forced Air Temp Controllers

    Managing a kamado's temperature is as easy as widening or narrowing the top and bottom airflow dampers — what you and I would call "vents." Closing the vents chokes off oxygen to the fire; opening them feeds them. More oxygen, more fire! Problem being, this temperature control style is heavy-handed at best: it only really works if you want lukewarm or really hot. That's where a temperature controller comes in. Attaching one to the bottom of your kamado regulates airflow, keeping steady temperature for perfect casseroles and bakes!

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  • Weber 7648 Stainless Steel Rib Grill Rack
  • Rib Racks

    Guess where kamado grills excel? Everything, but let's just say low and slow cooking. Know what that means? Smoking delicious ribs. You can understand how we had to put this one on the list! Rib racks break physics by letting you fit way more slabs of ribs inside your kamado than they should be able to handle. Space comes at a premium inside the cook chamber, so this is an especially handy tool to have. Pro-tip: pair that rib rack with an extended cooking rack to really cram that sucker full of tasty cuts of meat!

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  • Steven Raichlen 10-Inch Stainless Steel Grill Grate Lifter
  • Grate Lifter

    If you had to pick one thing on this list, we would hands-down recommend the humble grate lifter every time. You might think you can do without one... until you need to move a hot cooking grid and flirt with utter chaos. Not so easy now, is it? Gross black soot all over your hands, your gloves, your clothes! Enter the grate lifter: It raises! It lowers! It removes and replaces! You, too, can wield total mastery over hot grids with the clamping mechanism and tight grip. Better still, Kamado Joe, Primo, and Coyote all make grid clamp tools that can be used on any kamado cooking grid.

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  • Western Mesquite BBQ Smoking Chips (180 Cu. In.)
  • Wood Chips/Chunks

    Many veteran smokers swear by wood chips and chunks, considering them an absolute necessity for meat smoking. Whether that's true or not, we can't say, but we can tell you that there's no easier way to increase the delicious complexity of your food's flavor profile. Adding wood chips or chunks to the charcoal load in your fire bowl imparts that wood's smoke and flavor to the taste of your meats; blending or mixing chips will smoke an even richer taste. Especially useful to an offset charcoal smoker — where you need more oxygen to completely burn pure hardwood into a thin smoke — a little wood on your charcoal goes a long way!

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  • Kamado Joe Pizza Stone For Classic 18-Inch Grills - KJ-PS23
  • Pizza Stones

    Kamados effective work on the same thermodynamic principles as any dedicated brick pizza oven. Know your pizza? Then you should already be drooling. Round kamados and pizza are a match made in grilling heaven — and a pizza stone is how you get there. Pizza stones function the same way that kamado walls do, absorbing direct heat and transferring it to your pie. Instead of radiation, the heat is conducted by direct contact: think crispy bottom, satisfied crunch, and incredible smoke flavor. Best advice? Preheat the kamado to 700 degrees Fahrenheit (no more, trust us) and warm that stone inside without heating past that temperature.

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  • FOGO Super Premium Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal - 35 Lbs
  • Lump Charcoal

    Lump charcoal — natural hardwood that has been burned down to leave nothing but carbon — is the preferred fuel source for kamado grills for a reason. Porous materials (like ceramic) are a magnet for aerosolized liquids, and guess what they put in charcoal briquettes? Lighter fluid. Binding agents. Chemical additives. This cocktail of synthetic fluids is just waiting to soak into those high-heat walls and ruin your kamado. While it might look fine, ceramic that has soaked in charcoal briquettes will taint the taste of your food forever — once it happens, its irreversible. Ditch the briquette: quality lump charcoal should be your first and only choice.

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  • Weber 7447 RapidFire Compact Aluminized Charcoal Chimney
  • Charcoal Chimney

    Now that you have your lump charcoal (good on you!), how do you light it? Electric charcoal lighters are quite the convenient alternative, but said convenience come at a cost — literally. By far, the easiest most economical way to light charcoal is a charcoal chimney and a few stray sheets of newspaper. Simply fill this chimney until full, then add the rest of your desired charcoal load to the kamado. Place (then light) your charcoal starters or tinder at the bottom of the chimney. Once fully ignited, add to the top of your kamado's charcoal load and give a good stir! Don't forget to leave your vents and lid open until you have full ignition... and now you're cooking!

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