• When family and friends gather around the grill, you know you’ve got hungry bellies to feed. But while they eagerly wait for those burgers and steaks, you should give the something else to chew on! Cookout appetizers are a great way to get everyone prepared for the main event, and we have more than enough dishes to keep your guests happy while you get your grill on. Among our favorite grilled appetizer recipes is the Grilled Blooming Onion, which is sure to add some flair to your backyard BBQ. If your guests demand meat, try some Nashville Hot Chicken, Grilled Pork Skewers with Chili Lime Sauce, or Lamb and Herb Sliders. You can even add some seafood to the menu with Fried Coconut Shrimp and two different Chargrilled Oyster recipes. We have no shortage of delicious BBQ appetizers to choose from — just make sure your guests save room for the main course!

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    Recipe: Smoked Hot Sausage & Beer Cheese Dip

BBQ Appetizer Recipes