• There may be thousands of varieties and dishes of sausage, but nothing else tastes quite like it. Just look at that juicy curve of savory encased meat, barely contained and perfectly roasted! Fresh, smoked, or cured, every bite is a treat bursting with flavor, and with this collection of the wurst — no, best — grilled and smoked sausage BBQ recipes, you'll be prepared to make this versatile barbecue standby sizzle. Whipping up a dip-ready batch of smoked hot sausage in a bowl of unbeatable beer cheese? Making your own juicy hot dogs from scratch? No matter your plan of attack, we guarantee these roasted delicacies will look (and taste) mouthwatering. Plate any of these recipes, and you'll say you never sau-sage an appetizing, aromatic dish yet.

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    Recipe: Homemade All American Hotdog

Sausage Recipes