• Dessert always tastes better after a big BBQ. Fortunately, your grill can accomplish both! Sweets like pies and molten chocolate cakes feature an added layer of flavor when done on a grill, and those are among the dessert recipes you can look through below . Try a Holiday Bread Pudding with different sauce options on the pellet smoker, or put your gas grill to use creating some Homemade Bacon (yes, bacon) Chocolate Chip Cookies on cedar planks. Another great choice is our Sweet Potato Casserole that can be customized to fit your entertaining needs. OK, we have to mention bacon one more time — our Chipotle Candied Bacon recipe is one of several simple and delicious ways to incorporate dessert into your grilling.

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    Recipe: Maple Bacon Cupcake Recipe Baked on a Pellet Smoker

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