Why Buy an Outdoor-Rated TV?

Outdoor TVs are specifically designed to last and perform in even the harshest outdoor settings. At BBQGuys, we’ve long believed that outdoor spaces should feature all the comforts of the indoors. That includes entertainment; unless you’re a particularly captivating cook, you’ll probably need a little help in that department. That’s when you turn to outdoor-rated TVs — specially calibrated and weatherproofed for peak performance in the elements, they’re the solution for all your outdoor viewing needs. From gameday watch parties and movie nights to your favorite streaming services and even gaming systems, all-weather TVs can see you through years of use while effortlessly blocking out the dust and moisture that would ruin an indoor TV in just weeks. Throw in compatibility with smart home assistants, and you’ve got a modern entertainment hub right at your fingertips. Comforts of the indoors, indeed!

Benefits of Outdoor TVs

Weatherproofed to Last

Outdoor TVs are engineered with water repellent technologies to handle the elements in ways indoor models can’t.

Recalibrated for Outdoor Viewing

Glare is the main enemy of viewing in any setting — particularly outdoors — which is why all-weather TV screens provide unmatched brightness and contrast.

Social Experience

After having their fill of barbecue, guests will naturally gather around an outdoor TV no matter what’s on the tube (but especially when the big game is on).

Wireless Connectivity

Smart outdoor TVs include integrated internet, allowing you to access your favorite streaming services for movies or TV. No antennas or cable boxes required!

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Reasons to Add an Outdoor TV

Your viewing habits shouldn’t keep you from spending time in the beautiful outdoor space you’ve worked so hard to create. You might even find that TV time is more enjoyable outdoors — we certainly do, and your guests probably will too! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular outdoor viewing experiences so you can start dreaming of ways to put your outdoor-rated TV to good use.

Football game on an Outdoor TV above luxury outdoor pool

Watch the Big Game in the Backyard

What’s better than cheering on your favorite team surrounded by fellow fans? Doing so in the comfort of your backyard, with the grill or BBQ smoker still in arm’s reach. Not only do outdoor TVs help you recreate an authentic tailgate in your outdoor space, but you’ll also be able to cook for everyone without missing a play. Just think about it: how many times have you had to decide between catching a critical moment and ensuring your burgers don’t burn? (We’d rather make a fourth-down call with the season on the line — less pressure that way.)

watching a movie outside while splashing in the pool

Put a New Spin on Movie Night

Whether you schedule family movie viewings in advance or squeeze in new releases whenever you can, we understand the urge to convert your home into a private theater. Curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn is nice, but have you ever considered movie night under the stars? Being in your backyard will add a different ambiance to the proceedings, and you can mix things up even further by trading popcorn for your favorite grilled snacks instead. The only thing an outdoor TV can’t do in this situation? Help you decide which movie to watch.

Large outdoor tv mounted next to a rustic stone outdoor fireplace

Take Your Favorite Apps Outdoors

With the aid of a smart outdoor TV, you can harness the power of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity and all that comes with it right from your outdoor space. More specifically, you won’t have to leave the backyard to use streaming services. (Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and grill, baby!) Outdoor-rated smart TVs are also excellent for streaming music, and the gamer in the family will surely — OK, might — appreciate the ability to play online without being cooped up inside. You can even access web browsers and YouTube to follow our recipes!

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Outdoor TV Innovations

We don’t want to undersell this: there are companies that manufacture TVs that can work in permanent outdoor installations! That’s kind of a big deal, and it took tons of innovation to reach this point. Heck, the standard TV industry has undergone massive changes during our 20-plus years in business (do you remember how much 4K TVs cost only 5 years ago?), and the updates continue to roll out at a rapid pace. Outdoor-rated TVs are no different, as you’ll see in the remarkable innovations below.

Large tv mounted above a brick outdoor fireplace with golf playing on the screen

Weatherproofing Technology

Devising a way for TVs to withstand the elements was obviously the first hurdle manufacturers had to clear. Standard TVs have delicate circuitry that’s extremely vulnerable to water, along with monitors that can easily become smudged by dust. Contrast this with the method used by SunBriteTVs, which feature a unit surrounded by a weatherproofed aluminum casing that can’t rust.

Watching the Big Game on a TV outdoors

Recalibrated Screens

With weatherproofing handled, outdoor TV manufacturers set out to develop a picture that would be viewable in outdoor settings. SunBriteTV builds its in-house screens to be 50% or 3 times brighter (depending on the series) than the standard indoor model in an effort to combat the glare from harsh sunlight. Ultra-bright LED or QLED displays don’t hurt, either.

Outdoor seating area covered in snow

Weather-Resistant Accessories

It’s not enough to weatherize just the TV — accessories are just as fragile and also need to be shielded from the elements. Enter weatherproof outdoor TV accessories: remotes, mounts, soundbars, and even outdoor TV covers to protect the unit when not in use.

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