Reflective vs Non-Reflective Fire Glass

Reflective vs Non-reflective Fire Glass Comparison

Fire-rated glass is a great way to conceal your fire pit burner and pan while also adding a modern flair to your gas fire pit. There are a lot of options for fire pit filler, but if you decide to go with fire glass – by itself or as a foundation for accessorizing with fire pit decor – then the first decision to make is between reflective and non-reflective fire glass. If you can't decide between the two, there's no need to worry! You can always mix and match the two together for a more interesting look.

Side by Side Comparison

  • Piece of reflective fire glass

    Reflective Fire Glass

    Reflective fire glass is tempered glass that has been chemically treated and polished on one side to a mirror finish. This light reflecting side creates a dazzling sparkle effect when the flame is lit for a brighter, more interesting fire feature. Reflective fire glass will glint and glimmer in any light, but intensifies when lit by light of the flames – dazzling guests with shimmering light and interacting beautifully with any other fire pit decor in your firescape.

    The Skinny

    • Highlights the fire pit, not just the flame
    • Reflects firelight outward like sparkling gems
    • Creates brighter, more interesting fire features
    • Looks great with other fire pit decor
    • Flame fades into the overall firescape

    Reflective Fire Glass

  • Piece of non-reflective fire glass

    Non-Reflective Fire Glass

    Non-reflective, or standard fire pit glass is a great way to add a stylish, modern look to a fire feature. It is uniform in color on all sides and lets light penetrate through, creating a softer and more mystifying fire effect. When burning, it will give the illusion of elegant liquid flames swirling and dancing around your fire pit. Non-reflective glass will add color to your firescape without upstaging the flames, which will take centerstage when the appliance is lit.

    The Skinny

    • Firelight penetrates through the glass
    • Creates an ephemeral liquid-fire look
    • Doesn't pull focus from the flames of the fire pit
    • Works well with modern outdoor decor themes
    • Adds brilliant color to the light of the fire

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When it comes to fire glass, reflective and non-reflective are just the tip of the iceberg! Check out our collection of fire glass by style below or view our Fire Glass Buying Guide for more information on creating the perfect fire pit. If you're unsure how much fire glass you will need for your fire pit or fireplace, our Fire Glass Calculator makes the process easy! Just plug in the dimensions of your fire pit and know instantly how much you'll need to purchase.

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