The Best Unit For You

Wine Cooler Arriving at a decision about which type of wine cooler is the right one for you is as easy as reading the facts we've gathered below. Take time to research what interests you about each cooler and which cooler would be best for your needs. Are you new to the wine industry and wish to try all types? Check out what a multi-zone cooler can offer. Reading more will help you explore other options and ideas that you may not have considered, such as the versatility of wine cooler configuration, as well as the right capacity range for you.

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Single And Multiple Zone Wine Cabinets

  • Single Zone Wine Cellars: Having a wine collection does not mean spending lots of money to keep it properly chilled. If you collect a specific type or color of wine, a single zone wine cooler is the perfect solution. A single zone wine cooler chills the entire cooler at one, steady temperature. They are generally less expensive since they are a unit dedicated to one wine type. A single zone wine refrigerator can still sport the popular features of dual or triple-zone coolers, such as digital temperature displays. Thermoelectric cooling is becoming more and more popular among single zone coolers to help keep vibrations at a minimum and maintain silent operation.
  • Dual Zone Wine Cellars: If you plan to have an expanding wine collection, consider reading the facts and benefits of dual zone wine coolers. Dual zone wine coolers can chill two separate zones within the same unit. Airflow at one temperature circulates in one area, chilling wine at one temperature, while another zone circulates air at a different temperature that is proper for storing another type of wine.
    A dual zone wine cooler can function as a single zone unit, with the same temperature kept even in both zones, when you're ready you can swap out your reds in one zone, to chill whites instead. These are versatile solutions to wine tasters who wish to have an array of their favorites at their fingertips.
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Wine Cooler Configuration

  • Built-In Wine Coolers: A built-in wine cooler is the key to subtle wine storage. Built-In wine coolers are designed to fit conveniently into the cabinetry. Many come with custom panels to further blend your wine refrigerator into the woodwork. A built-in unit still boasts the versatility of multiple storage options such as dual and triple zones. Investing in a built-in wine refrigerator is a great space saver as well. Since they are designed to fit into spare space between cabinets, you do not have to sacrifice an area of the kitchen as you would with a freestanding unit.
  • Freestanding Wine Coolers: Freestanding wine coolers provide a 'movable' approach to wine storage. Since these units are not designed to the measurements of typical built-in units, they can be taller or wider to house more wine. Freestanding units will require adequate space for proper ventilation. Keeping a freestanding unit against a wall may result in a fire hazard. Freestanding units often contain ventilation in the back, rather than in the front like built-in units. Freestanding wine refrigerators can range in size from fitting on your countertop, to standing solo in a desired storage area.
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Wine Refrigerator Capacity Range

  • Small Capacity Wine Refrigerators: When investing in a wine cooler, consider bottle capacity. Small wine coolers will usually cost less than larger ones, and if you're into saving space then going with a smaller unit would help space conservation in your wine storage area. Smaller wine refrigerators will have a lower bottle capacity, which may be perfect for the wine consumer looking to protect a specific, favorite collection. A 10 - 40 bottle capacity is usually the maximum for a smaller, more space-friendly wine storage unit.
  • Large Capacity Wine Refrigerators: If you are considering a large wine refrigerator, make sure you'll be making use of the larger capacity it provides. Will your wine collection be expanding? A larger wine storage cooler would be a great solution. A wine cellar with a high capacity wine rack structure can store anywhere from 70 - 150 bottles, and often features adjustable or removable wine racks to accommodate various bottle sizes.Larger wine coolers take up more room, but provide a great way to store large sums of wine. If you're new to the world of wine, and you plan on trying different types of wine, consider a larger capacity cooler to have those wines on-hand when you're ready to try them.
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