Propane (LP) vs. Natural Gas (NG): What's The Difference?

When it comes to cooking performance of propane vs. natural gas, there is usually no difference. Each grill is optimized to use the right amount of gas for peak performance with each gas type. While propane is the by far the most popular fuel type for grills, natural gas is steadily rising in popularity, and is most commonly used for outdoor kitchens and gas grills that will be set in a more permanent location.

  • Liquid Propane Tank
  • Liquid Propane

    LP gas is commonly used in small tanks that sit beside or inside of your grill. LP tanks can be purchased an refilled at many hardware stores and stores that sell grills. A hose and regulator are required to supply and regulate the gas to your grill. Some residences have large, in-ground propane tanks. In this case the grill would be set up for LP, but it may require a special regulator for the gas line.

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  • Natural Gas hose Connection
  • Natural Gas

    To use natural gas fuel on your grill, you will need to have access to a underground natural gas line. Most NG grills come with 8-12 foot flexible hoses for connecting your grill. Small to medium size grills will have a 3/8" connection, and larger grills will use a 1/2" connection.

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