Benefits of Pizza Ovens

Why Buy a Pizza Oven?

Quick Answer: Pizza ovens are fun, easy-to-use, and deliver deliciously authentic flavor.

As a leader in the grilling industry, we know better than most why burgers and hot dogs are some of the most popular foods in the country. But pizza? Now that’s a dish that might rank even higher in the minds (and stomachs) of Americans everywhere. Just think about it: you undoubtedly have a favorite pizza delivery spot, frozen pizza brand, or even local pizzeria. But for as much as you love those pristine pies, there’s a way to make even tastier and more authentic pizza right in your backyard — and it’s easier than you probably imagine.

Advantages of an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are increasingly popular additions to outdoorkitchens because they give you the ability to make amazingly delicious pizza whenever you get the craving. They can also handle the job of most normal ovens, only better. A wood-fired crown roast of lamb or large beef roast is a borderline religious experience, and pizza ovens can even turn out a juicy steak when given the chance. Heck, just wait until you see how well gas pizza ovens bake breads, desserts, cobblers, and pies! Fantastic food is one thing, but we can’t stress enough just how immersive and fun it is to actually use a pizza oven. Backyard entertainers will awe guests with build-your-own-pizza parties, and family pizza night can become a tradition that brings everyone closer together. All that said, we don’t blame you for wanting a piece of pizza ovens!

  • Better Than Delivery

    It’s not delivery, it’s home-cooked pizza! Wood-fired flavors always beat what you get from chain restaurants or the frozen section of the store.

  • Not Just for Pizza

    The name implies that they’re pizza-only, but pizza ovens are actually more than capable of creating delicious bread, desserts, and savory entrees.

  • Fun for Dinner

    Tired of making the same old boring dinners every week? Pizza ovens transform mealtime into fun family experiences where everyone can participate.

  • Tasty, Nutritious Pizza

    Pizza doesn’t have to be unhealthy — making it at home with high-quality, healthier ingredients and thinner dough is a surefire way to cut calories.

  • Save Energy

    Most models don’t use electricity, and those that do require very little. Indoor ovens, however, will inflate your power bill when used to cook pizza.

  • Perfect Pizza Fast

    Thanks to their high-heat output and refractory cooking floors, pizza ovens transform your dough into perfectly puffy crust in a matter of minutes.

Top Pizza Oven Brands

Trendy Ways to Add a Pizza Oven to your Outdoor Space

We said above that pizza ovens are on the rise, so it’s no surprise that a few trends have cropped up around them. As with most of the product categories we carry, pizza ovens come in many shapes, sizes, and configurations to fit your outdoor space and personal style. Freestanding or fully bricked-in, these cookers dramatically improve the look of your backyard and play on the senses to transport you straight to Naples for an authentic pizza experience. We should know — we’ve been testing and selling them for more than 20 years, after all! Over that time, we’ve seen homeowners incorporate pizza ovens into their lives in some truly fun and interesting ways. Read on for a few of our favorites.

  • DIY or Ready-to-Finish Pizza Oven Kits

    These unfinished pizza ovens are packaged without exterior materials, meaning it’s on you to apply the outward layer of brick, stone, stucco, or a similar material that best fits your aesthetic. Like Chicago Brick Oven DIY Pizza Ovens, most kits include a refractory cement shell and finished door that are then covered in a brick enclosure. Of course, this option saves a huge chunk of money on the materials you’d be paying for with a finished model, plus they can help you capture the authentic brick-oven or wood-fired pizza experience. Authenticity aside, bricked-in pizza ovens are gorgeous and classy — just imagine a Tuscan-inspired stone or brick oven filled with a mesmerizing fire as the smells of bubbly pizza waft across your backyard! We’ve seen many homeowners take things one step further by extending the brick structure to include a sink, storage cabinets, and outdoor fridge.

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  • Countertop Pizza Ovens for Outdoor Kitchens

    Already have a completed outdoor kitchen? Countertop pizza ovens increase cooking versatility and expand menus like few other appliances can, plus they come finished with fully weatherized and protected exteriors. These models sit directly on grill island countertops and generally can’t be built into enclosures because of their ventilation needs. Oh, and they look great, too! Stainless steel units like those available from Alfresco perfectly complement other stainless appliances, not to mention that they have outstanding warranties. Or maybe stainless steel just isn’t your thing, in which case there are several other options to choose from. Most will be wood-fired (the general shape of a dome just works well on flat surfaces when finished with steel), but some come in colors like yellow, red, or black to give your outdoor space an accent piece.

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  • Portable Pizza Ovens are Great for Camping

    Step aside, s’mores — portable pizza ovens are here to change camping cuisine forever! Building and cooking pizzas together is a great way to enhance the classic family bonding experience of camping, and let’s be honest, no one is unhappy with pizza for dinner no matter the setting. Though most of these units are gas-operated, there are some wood- or pellet-fueled portable ovens on the market as well. Either is a great option for camping, even if we can’t understate the convenience of portable propane tanks for gas models. Regardless of fuel type, portable pizza ovens are small enough to neatly store with your camping gear or bring along to the next tailgate you attend. The only potential drawback is that they can usually fit only a single 12-inch pie at a time, but that also means you can satisfy everyone’s craving with smaller personal pizzas. Besides, who can say no to pizza on the go?

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