There are hundreds of grill island storage components from dozens of brands on the market, most of which may seem to look fairly similar and perform largely the same functions. How are you supposed to know which BBQ island components belong in your outdoor space? You could simply buy a storage line that matches your grill in design and style, or you could take a deeper dive into how and why BBQGuys® separates outdoor kitchen storage into 2 distinct classes — Premium and Standard.

We judge all our products based on their quality, performance, and features, but we’ve found features (and, to a lesser extent, quality of materials) to be the main difference among BBQ island storage. In this case, features are highly dependent on the type of storage component in question. Doors and drawers, for instance, may have magnetic soft-closures to prevent extra wear and tear from slamming, while certain propane tank bins include roll-out platforms that make changing tanks much easier. Some stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets even have sealed gaskets to repel moisture and interior lighting to help you find supplies during nighttime parties.

While features are our top concern when sorting outdoor BBQ storage into classifications, it’s also important to know that the quality of materials used in construction range from powder-coated steel to stainless steel and aluminum. We strongly recommend components made of 304, commercial-grade stainless steel — like every piece of BBQGuys Signature brand grill island storage — because it’s the gold standard of corrosion resistance for outdoor kitchen storage and increases the longevity of your investment. Now let’s take a closer look at how BBQGuys defines Premium and Standard outdoor island storage.

Gas Grill Class Comparison

Gas Grill Class Comparisons

Class Standard Premium
Quality Rating is 3 out of 5 Rating is 4 out of 5
Performance Rating is 2 out of 5 Rating is 3 out of 5
Features Rating is 1 out of 5 Rating is 4 out of 5
Price Rating is 2 out of 5 Rating is 3 out of 5

Premium Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Hestan outdoor kitchen storage in BBQ island with Hestan built-in grill and side burner
  • Built from 304-grade stainless steel, teak, or aluminum
  • Features include soft-close, LED lights, & roll-out
  • Various color & style options to personalize your space
  • Components fit a wider range of possible design themes
  • Collections carry distinctive looks to make your design stand out

If you want to go big with your outdoor kitchen, then Premium storage is the place to start. This classification of BBQ island storage can lend a luxury feel to your space and open up the possibility for many different styles. Take for instance the aesthetic flexibility of stainless steel, which has a classic look that matches just about anything. But some Premium stainless steel outdoor kitchen doors have colored LED lights or illuminated glass panels that allow you to make a bold statement in your space. With the ability to changes colors on a whim, you can fill your outdoor kitchen with team colors on gamedays or deck it out with festive holiday displays.

Not a fan of striking color? Teak outdoor kitchen cabinets provide a comforting, minimal look in your space, especially when paired with poured concrete countertops. Just keep in mind that teak must be treated with outdoor furniture oil or sealer at least every 6 months to maintain its durability and keep its golden, honey-colored finish.

Premium BBQ island storage offers a wide variety of handles, which may also influence style but often plays a bigger role in the functionality of your space. Handles in this class can be recessed, totally hidden, or stylized to match your grill. Premium outdoor BBQ cabinets also include soft-close mechanisms for longevity and gaskets that create waterproof or water-resistant conditions — the latter feature can make all the difference when storing seasonings or other dry goods normally damaged by humidity. And if you’re worried about bugs or dust getting into your food and grilling tools, Alfresco outdoor kitchen cabinets are among the Premium options with screened vents that keep pests out.

Top Premium Outdoor Kitchen Storage Brands

Standard Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Blaze outdoor kitchen storage set up on a brick island
  • Built using various grades of steel or stainless steel
  • Have little to no extra features that improve style
  • Often have visible hinges and simple handles
  • Components generally look similar and/or generic
  • Blend in to designs well for an understated aesthetic

Though there’s plenty of BBQ storage designed to elevate your outdoor space, you may take a more utilitarian approach to these components. Standard grill island storage fits the bill for those who need nothing more than reliable housing for accessories or simply want to treat their grill as the main attraction of their outdoor kitchen. Proper care can often allow Standard components to last just as long as their Premium counterparts, especially if they’re made with 304, commercial-grade stainless steel. The other options for materials in this class are different grades of painted or powder-coated steel.

Standard BBQ island storage lacks most features found in the Premium class, instead sporting normal closures and visible hinges. It’s also rare to find gaskets in this class, meaning you typically shouldn’t use Standard outdoor BBQ cabinets to store anything that can’t handle moisture or humidity. That being said, there are a few enclosed outdoor kitchen cabinets in the Standard classification that come with waterproof gaskets. The most notable common features in this category of grill island storage are locking mechanisms that keep children and critters out of access doors, which contain highly important gas and water connections.

If a unified look between all components isn't as important to you, or you simply prefer straightforward functionality, then consider the benefits of stepping down from Premium to Standard outdoor BBQ storage. Doing so may allow you to include more storage components, increasing the functionality of your outdoor kitchen. You might even be able to invest the savings elsewhere by stepping up to a better grill, adding a rotisserie or sear burner to your setup, or swinging that extra outdoor kitchen cooking appliance you’ve had your eye on. What matters most, however, is that you choose grill island storage components that’ll spark joy and satisfy your lifestyle for years to come.

Top Standard Outdoor Kitchen Storage Brands