What’s an outdoor kitchen kit?

While outdoor kitchen kits go by many names (such as BBQ grill islands, BBQ island kits, and complete grill islands), all are designed to provide easy, all-in-one solutions for homeowners who want an outdoor kitchen with less effort. Imagine poring bleary-eyed through endless built-in grills, kitchen components, finishes and countertops for hours on end… only to realize it’s past midnight, and you’re browsing prefabricated kitchens built by Swedish people for college kids and hipsters! (Remember them?) Does that sound fun to you? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time doing, oh, how about literally anything else?

Rise above the churn. Get yourself an outdoor kitchen kit. These inclusive sets feature many perks — for starters, combining a built-in grill with a base island, curated kitchen appliances and components, the countertop, and a fitting exterior finish. There’s no cutting of countertops or materials, which should be a boon to any client. In fact, most islands assemble with a minimum of just 2 people, and often in as little as a single weekend. All of that, without a single Allen wrench or meatball in sight.

Advantages of Complete BBQ Grill Islands

One Click

No more cross-referencing and researching dozens of BBQ products to fill out your kitchen. Pick and click an island, and you’re done.

Easier than DIY

Assembling a complete island is far easier than building one from scratch. For one, everything’s already measured and cut for you!

Budget Friendly Installation

Cut out the cost of hiring a professional contractor. The ease of assembly is less strain on time, effort, and especially your wallet.

Outdoor Kitchen Lite

At a fraction of the effort, enjoy enough kitchen to run those backyard parties. Even the smallest packages include a grill and storage at minimum.

Conveniently Compact

Almost all islands measure between 3–11 feet wide. No matter how narrow your intended spot, we’ve got a space-efficient cooking station just for you.

Weather Resistant

No need to roll them inside under cloudy skies! Designed for durability, functionality, and attractiveness, grill islands withstand most weather conditions for years to come.


Several brands offer casters and light frames for their BBQ grill islands. That means easier mobility and subtle storage for some backup propane tanks.

Take It With You

Most islands can move onward with you — tell the new homeowners to get their own. Hey, here’s a thought: why not send them our way?

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Outdoor Kitchen Kits Versus Complete Outdoor Kitchens

Of course, the bigger question might rear its head: why not expand up to a fully-featured outdoor kitchen? Not only are BBQ grill islands faster and cheaper to build, they save on the hard work in maintaining a full outdoor kitchen — such as staying on top of all that stainless steel and resealing the countertops. On the other hand, it takes effort to keep that kitchen looking just a few weeks old, and that’s more time and money taken away from your other priorities.

And who knows how far that budget would balloon? Even the most efficient contractors on the market still can’t predict the curveballs to an outdoor kitchen project, which can keep your drawers looking lean for your first few cooks. Meanwhile, an outdoor kitchen kit is a predictable expense — and you can even use some of that spare budget to fill those drawers with BBQ tools and accessories that might have hit the chopping block.

Finally, who says you have to commit to a BBQ island’s size? A little pre-planning can make it the basis of a much more comprehensive outdoor kitchen. Build it out in stages between grilling sessions; it’s easier on the budget and less at once to contend with. Installing a full kitchen is a more of a commitment, and you’re gambling that the final design will keep up with your tastes (and cooking style). If it doesn’t? Most lifestyles usually can’t squeeze a full remodel a few years down the line.

Top BBQ Grill Island Brands

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Outdoor Kitchen Kit Components

Complete BBQ islands emphasize ease and affordability over customization — but we offer several distinct configurations from different manufacturers, each featuring varied appliance and component packages. These range from simple islands with a grill and interior access doors, to supersized islands stacked with refrigerators, wine cellars, ice makers, trash bins, side burners, and more. Don’t fret: we’ve taken the time to divide our collection into tiers, ranked from simplicity to complexity of included features.

Simple gas grill outdoor kitchen island with brown side cabinets

Core Outdoor Kitchen Kits

  • Great for: tighter spaces, tighter budgets
  • Islands typically span between 3–6 feet
  • Built-in propane, natural gas, or electric grill
  • Single storage access

If you’re short on space or budget (or all about that old school lifestyle), here’s an option without the bells and whistles. Here’s what you’re guaranteed: a built-in grill, access doors or drawers, and the island they go into. Split into propane, natural gas, and even electric offerings, Core outdoor kitchen kits span between 3–6 feet wide with a variety of finishes. Don’t underestimate them, though; these are still beautiful built-in grills set in stone.

Man in white tshirt grilling at Coyote Ready to Assemble Outdoor Kitchen with white stone details

Advanced Outdoor Kitchen Kits

  • Great for: cooking more, storing more
  • Islands typically span between 5–7 feet
  • Built-in propane, natural gas, or electric grill
  • Additional storage capabilities

With this tier, you’re equipped to take alternate cooking styles out for a spin — such as grilling multiple dishes at once at different temperatures, keeping more supplies on hand with expanded storage, or even storing cold items or drinks in your island. Manufacturers have included at least one other appliance beyond the grill. Examples include BBQ islands with refrigerators and grill islands with side burners.

Man in blue plaid shirt grilling at large L-shaped outdoor kitchen

Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Kits

  • Great for: best hosting presence and value
  • Islands typically span 7–11 feet wide
  • Built-in propane or natural gas grill
  • Maximum storage capabilities

To get the superior outdoor cooking experience, you’ll need practically a smaller version of a full outdoor kitchen. Enter the ultimate BBQ grill island kit — beyond the grill and storage, you’re looking at a refrigerator, a side burner, and quite often much more. Some offerings like the Blaze LTE BBQ Island might fit in a grill, storage components, power burner, and refrigerator. Bigger and more complex options like the Deluxe BBQ Islands from Mont Alpi combine the grill with a beverage center, side burner, sink, and a small fleet of doors and drawers.