Our Mission and Values

When BBQGuys opened its doors as a Louisiana-based brick-and-mortar store in 1998, our mission was simple: provide the very best in grilling and outdoor living to those who, like us, were Born to Grill™. That driving purpose hasn’t changed one bit, even as we’ve adapted to the digital marketplace and evolved into one of America’s fastest-growing private businesses. How have we stayed true to our core undertaking over 20-plus years of constant growth and change? We never lost sight of the values we embraced from the very beginning. To ensure we never forget the beliefs that got us here, we invented a fun little acronym called…

The CAPLC Code

One of the first things every new BBQGuys team member learns as they’re welcomed to the family is the meaning of the CAPLC (pronounced “cap-ell-see”) Code. It emphasizes the principles of Communication, Accountability, Passion, Learning, and Change, which form the perfect recipe for achieving our mission while enriching our workplace experience. In fact, the CAPLC is so ingrained in our culture that virtually every compliment or shout-out is related to one of its values — Passion for when someone goes above and beyond, Learning for when they master a new process, Change for… well, let’s just say there’s a lot of capital-C Change around here. Let’s take a closer look at what each part of the CAPLC means to us.

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