If you’ve heard anything about our Pro Team, then you already know it’s a no-brainer for contractors, builders, and other professionals who need the best grills and outdoor living products to get their jobs done. The exclusive pricing alone would make Pro Membership worthwhile, but personalized service from and immediate access to Pro Account Managers along with an expedited 3D design service really put it over the top — not to mention it’s all free! Still, you might be wondering how the whole thing works (hint: awesomely) and what it could mean for your business (more awesomeness). That’s why we’ve put together this FAQ covering all things BBQGuys Pro Team, from requirements and benefits to discounts and delivery.

We hope the information below answers all your questions, but if you still need something addressed, call 1-877-298-6375 or email You can also contact Pro Team Manager, Michael Hidalgo at 1-225-478-5120 with any inquiries you may have. Our Pro Team is here to help you secure bids with the best possible products and service, so we look forward to working together!

What are the requirements to become a BBQGuys Pro?

Pros are licensed general contractors, landscape architects, home builders, remodelers, developers, designers, property managers, plumbers, and electricians (essentially, purchasing and procurement agents) who buy items on behalf of someone else. Those interested in signing up will be asked to provide a business license number along with a few bits of personal and company information. To join our Pro Team, please fill out the form on the BBQGuys Pro Team page and a Pro Account Manager will contact you within one business day.

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What are the benefits of being a BBQGuys Pro?

How does "concierge service" sound? Pro benefits include but are not limited to: exclusive Pro pricing, expedited design service to help you win more bids, direct contact with a Pro Account Manager dedicated to answering your questions ASAP, and immediate access to management for more pressing issues. In short, we’re here to help you do your job better and more efficiently.

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How much does it cost to be a BBQGuys Pro?

It costs nothing to join the BBQGuys Pro Team. You receive a full suite of services, your customers complete better projects faster, and we get to help you secure jobs while bringing families closer together through the joys of grilling and outdoor living. Everybody wins!

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What kind of discount do you offer Pro clients?

Pro pricing varies depending on the brands purchased and the size of the order. Some items are sold at MSP (minimum sale price) and can’t be discounted. That being said, freight costs are always covered, which is a major advantage in today’s chaotic shipping environment. Pro customers can get pricing discounts on select brands on site when they are logged in to their Pro account on or through their Pro account manager.

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How do I get Pro pricing?

Call your PRO Account Manager at their direct phone number found at the bottom of the BBQGuys PRO Team page. While you're chatting with them about pricing, they can recommend the best, most cost-effective products for your project. Alternatively, You can get discounted Pro pricing on select brands online by logging into your Pro account on

If you do not have a Pro account set up yet, please visit our Pro account sign-up page and fill out our Pro sign-up form, or call your region’s Pro Account Manager to set up your account.

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Is there a person I can talk to if I have questions?

Of course! You can reach out to your Pro Account Manager directly via their phone or email, or you can contact Pro Team Manager Michael Hidalgo at 1-225-478-5120.

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Do I need to place a Pro order online, or can I call it in?

Pro pricing is available online or over the phone, but be sure to contact your Pro Account Manager for maximum savings before placing online orders. Please call only 1-877-298-6375 if you forget your Pro Account Manager’s direct line.

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Do you accept purchase orders?

No; in an attempt to keep prices as low as possible, we don’t offer such terms at this time. No collections means better profits for our Pro Members.

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What are my payment options?

We currently accept credit cards — which most Pros use — debit cards, checks, and wire transfers. Be aware that checks take time to arrive and process, so consider project timelines when picking a payment option. PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay may also be available for online orders, so check with your Pro Account Manager for details if you wish to use any of those payment services.

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How can I be sure the products I order will arrive when I need them?

Our order system allows us to hold your in-stock items for up to 30 days at no storage charge, ensuring your products show up when you’re ready to start the job.

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Do you offer "just-in-time" delivery?

Not at this time, unfortunately. With the current challenges surrounding freight transportation, we’ve been unable to find a partner that can provide such a service.

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Are your outdoor kitchen designs blueprints, or can I get blueprints from them?

Our free 3D outdoor kitchen designs are conceptual drawings, not blueprints. We offer these expedited renderings so Pro Members can show clients a 3D model of their project, which should help secure the bid. In fact, our Pro closer rate is about 90% when a free sketch from our design service is involved! Most experienced builders and DIY handymen are able to build from our conceptual sketches, so it’s a huge asset to have when bids are on the line.