• Best Thanksgiving Recipes

      Is there any holiday as inextricably tied to eating as Thanksgiving? The turkey, the gravy, the stuffing, the dessert, the after-dinner-belt-unbuckling… Every aspect of your meal needs to hit the spot, and despite popular belief, you don’t need to give up the grill to make that happen! With our collection of grilled Thanksgiving recipes serving as your ticket to a new world of flavors, your holiday meal will be as memorable as the Mayflower. We’ve got you covered from smoked turkey recipes and traditional side dishes on the grill to holiday desserts and extras that’ll put your Thanksgiving dinner over the top.

    Best Thanksgiving Entrees

    • Cajun Fried Turkey over a pot
    • Cajun Fried Turkey

      by: Grill Master Randy

      Deep-fried turkey originated not far from our home of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so we’d be remiss not to include a recipe for the Southern delicacy here. Gorgeous color, unexpected juiciness, and a kickin’ Cajun marinade make this bird take flavorful flight from the deep fryer all the way to hungry bellies around the dinner table. It’s time to put some peanut oil to use and escort your taste buds on a trip to Cajun Country!

    • Smoked Turkey on a plate
    • Smoked Turkey on the Traeger Timberline

      by: Chef Tony Matassa

      We’ve all had turkey in the oven, but turkey on the smoker? Now you’re aiming for flavors that come around only once a year. A juicy injection and delightful poultry seasoning combine to boost the bird’s natural flavors, followed by a 2-hour bath in cherrywood smoke. Oh, and did we mention there’s a roasting pan — and an herb butter paste? Yeah, good luck finding an excuse not to use this scrumptious smoked turkey recipe.

    • Oven Roasted Turkey on a plate
    • Oven-Roasted Turkey

      by: Chef Tony Matassa

      Though we’ve already talked up smoking and frying turkey, sometimes it pays to stick with a classic. Oven-roasted Thanksgiving turkey is about as traditional as it gets, but you can still elevate the dish with some help from the always-reliable Chef Tony. With a surprisingly simple turkey seasoning and an overnight marinade, this oven-roasted turkey recipe is your secret weapon for wowing family and friends on Thanksgiving.

    • Chicken on a Weber grill
    • Smoked BBQ Chicken on the Weber Kettle

      by: Paris Frederick

      Do you prefer chicken chow to turkey talk? Then you’re in c-luck! The classic Weber Kettle charcoal grill serves as the perfect stage for this smoked BBQ chicken recipe, which uses applewood chunks to create astounding flavors in tandem with a homemade barbecue dry rub and butter paste. Leave the gobbled gourmet to the rest — this Thanksgiving, you’re flying the coop from the norm with smoked chicken the BBQGuys way.

    • Chuck's Flavor Train's Beer Can Chicken
    • Beer Can Chicken

      by: Chuck's Flavor Train

      If you’ve ever wanted to share a Thanksgiving feast with TikTok sensation Chuck’s Flavor Train — who hasn’t? — now’s your chance! The simplicity of his beer can chicken recipe belies its bombastic flavors (which are right in line with Chuck’s infectious personality) that’ll have the whole family clamoring for seconds. Best of all, it only takes about an hour and a half to finish the bird from preparation to plate.

    Best Grilled Thanksgiving Sides

    • Carrots and Parsnips on a plate
    • Grilled Honey Glazed Carrots & Parsnips

      by: BBQGuys Staff

      Half a dozen ingredients and half an hour: that’s all you need to make a Thanksgiving side dish worthy of a family get-together. The colors and flavors of fall abound with carrots, parsnips, herbs, and honey masterfully blended then grilled to perfection. This tasty addition to your Thanksgiving bounty also brings a crunch to the cornucopia, showing that you’re a holiday host who can do more than cook a mean bird.

    • Herbed potatoes on plate
    • Pecan Smoked Herb Potatoes

      by: Grill Master Randy

      Whatever potato dish you usually serve at Thanksgiving, give it the year off and provide this smoky side dish a chance to shine. Herb potatoes in the oven are one thing, but giving them time to soak up the smoke of pecan wood is just what they need to reach the next level of deliciousness. This is a super quick and easy Thanksgiving side dish that can feed up to 10 people when plated alongside a heaping helping of turkey.

    • Bacon wrapped brussles sprouts in a bowl
    • Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

      by: BBQGuys Staff

      You think the Pilgrims came all this way for you not to eat your greens? That might be ancient history at this point, but so is this age-old strategy of wrapping your veggies in bacon to satisfy the ever-watchful Food Pyramid. Either way, we think you’ll find it hard to pass on a Thanksgiving recipe that requires just 3 ingredients. No, seriously: Brussels sprouts, thick-cut bacon, and maple syrup are all you need!

    • Bacon wrapped green beans on a plate
    • Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans From Laura Miner

      by: Laura Miner

      More greens, more bacon! (Come on, you know everything’s better with a little bacon.) Our good friend Laura Miner — aka “Cook at Home Mom” — sends this Thanksgiving side dish recipe with love, bleu cheese crumbles, and sliced almonds that turn boring beans into charming chow. Another astoundingly quick and easy side that you can cook on the grill, make sure these bacon-wrapped green beans end up on your holiday menu.

    • Mini stuffed backed potatoes on a rack
    • Stuffed Mini Baked Potatoes

      by: Chef Tony Matassa

      Mashed potatoes are so last Thanksgiving. Instead of playing it safe with the same old side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner, step outside the box with these delightfully delicious and simply shareable mini baked potatoes. They’re stuffed with all the traditional baked-potato fixings, then finished on the grill for a melty interior and browned bottom. Whether used as an appetizer or dinner side, you’ll love the results!

    Best Thanksgiving Desserts on the Smoker

    • Pumpkin Pie in a cast iron skillet
    • Homemade Pumpkin Pie Baked on Kamado Grill

      by: Chef Tony Matassa

      If the recipe title alone has piqued your interest, then you’re in for a treat (besides the pie itself, of course). This Thanksgiving dessert recipe can be fun for the whole family, from roasting a pumpkin for a puree and making a homemade pie crust to concocting a bourbon whipped cream topping. You can use your oven or a kamado grill to make this holiday pie; as a brand called BBQGuys, we know which cooker we’d recommend.

    • Pecan Pie cutaway
    • Bourbon Pecan Pie

      by: Chef Tony Matassa

      Punch up your pecan pie with a little help from our friend Jack Daniel, who always knows how to have a good time. A candied orange peel also adds to the fun, putting an expected twist on this classic Thanksgiving dessert. This holiday pie recipe calls for an hour-long trip through the oven, but daring home chefs can also use their kamado grill for the baking process. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with this pecan pie!

    • Peach Cobbler on a plate
    • Southern Peach Cobbler Baked on a Kamado Grill

      by: Chef Tony Matassa

      Introduce this Southern classic to your Thanksgiving meal, once again using your indoor oven or a kamado charcoal grill as desired. It’s a delicious dish that takes only 2 hours from start to finish, beginning with blanching and peeling the peaches. They then get baked in a cast iron skillet before joining forces with the cobbler filling and topping mixtures to give your Thanksgiving dessert course some Southern charm.

    • Bruleed sweet potato casserole
    • Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe with Praline Brulee Topping

      by: Chef Tony Matassa

      Ah, a Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole. Comforting, familiar, and… topped with praline brulee? This one has that distinct addition, and it’s sure to be a hit when dinner is over and dessert is getting passed around. As a bonus, this sweet potato casserole recipe can fit in a large serving pan for family-style feasting as well as multiple smaller pans for individual portions. It’s all about making holiday dinner work for you!

    • Glazed holiday bread pudding
    • Holiday Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce and Spiced Cream Sauce

      by: Grill Master Randy

      What, you thought we were going to give you another Thanksgiving dessert recipe that uses bourbon? Well, you were pretty close — this holiday bread pudding includes a rum sauce, which… wait, no, there’s actually a bit of bourbon used in the bread-pudding mixture too. Our bad! Anyway, this classic Thanksgiving bread pudding gets topped with a spiced cream sauce that ties everything together in one delicious pre-Christmas package.

    Thanksgiving Extras

    • Bell peppers, celery, and onion
    • Turkey Seasoning

      by: Chef Tony Matassa

      We’ve given you a veritable cornucopia of Thanksgiving dishes to choose from, but we both know everything will fall flat if the holiday bird is bland. That’s not happening on our watch, so we created a turkey seasoning recipe that’ll please palates time and time again. It’s a simple seasoning blend that works Thanksgiving miracles with an overnight marinade, helping you spread your wings as the holiday host with the most.

    • Thanksgiving turkey gravy
    • Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy

      by: BBQGuys Staff

      When the phrase “it’s all gravy” was invented, they were referring to this recipe. And with good reason: it requires just 7 basic ingredients, takes only 15–20 minutes to prepare, and elevates any turkey into a delectably memorable meal. You’ll also get to make use of the turkey neck and giblets, two often-discarded parts of the bird that deliver huge flavor when handled correctly. As they say, “it’s all gravy, baby!”

    • Thanksgiving cranberry sauce
    • Cinnamon-Citrus Cranberry Sauce

      by: BBQGuys Staff

      In a world of cranberry-flavored everything (looking at you, hard seltzers), it’s refreshing to get back to one of the most classic uses of the fruit. This Thanksgiving cranberry sauce, however, capitalizes on citrus and cinnamon notes to achieve a depth of flavor that’ll have relatives talking until next holiday season. With a sauce that’s this quick and simple, you’ll have more time to mingle with family and friends.

    • Old Fashioned with thyme and cinnamon
    • Smoked Cinnamon Old Fashioned with a Flash of Orange Essence

      by: BBQGuys Staff

      A drink after — or in this case, before — dinner is a widely celebrated holiday tradition, and there are few cocktails more traditional than an Old Fashioned. That didn’t stop us from sprucing it up with the intoxicating aroma of cinnamon smoke and a dash or orange essence, creating a new take on the Old Fashioned. Enjoy responsibly, and make sure you’ve got enough to share with everyone who wishes to partake.