Prep Time:  30 mins
Cook Time:  12-16 hrs
Total Time:  12.5-16.5 hrs
Servings:  25-30

Tender & juicy smoked brisket recipe, overnight in the Blaze Kamado! No need to babysit this cook, just get your Kamado coasting at 225 degrees for an overnight slow smoke, you won’t even have to add charcoal mid cook with this setup!


Ingredients for Brisket

  • 15-17 lb Prime brisket
  • ¾ cup kosher salt
  • 1 cup black pepper
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • Olive oil (enough to coat brisket)
  • 4 apple wood chunks

Ingredients for Drip Pan

  • 50/50 mix of Apple juice & water

Items You'll Need


  1. Trim brisket fat cap to ⅛ - ¼ inch thick
  2. Mix kosher salt, black pepper, brown sugar for dry rub
  3. Coat brisket in olive oil on all sides
  4. Liberally apply dry rub to all sides of brisket
  5. Cover brisket, set in fridge until grill is ready
  6. Light two handfuls of charcoal in a chimney starter, until the coals are glowing red
  7. Fill Blaze kamado with unlit charcoal up to the middle grate ledge
  8. Pour lit charcoal on top of unlit charcoal, use tongs to spread lit charcoal to a few different places so that the coal lights in several spots.
  9. Put apple wood chunks in several spots on top of the coal
  10. With top and bottom dampers open, close lid to allow the grill to preheat while you prep the water pan
  11. In a deep water pan, pour 50/50 blend of apple juice and water
  12. Set in middle grate, place heat deflector plate on middle grate
  13. slicing through juicy smoked brisket
  14. Put water pan on top of the heat deflector
  15. Place in cooking grids
  16. Close kamado lid, and set top and bottom damper wheels to about ¼ inch open
  17. Allow the Blaze kamado to stabilize to a temperature of 225°F
  18. Once kamado temperature is stable, place brisket on the grill, fat cap side up
  19. Put an internal temperature thermometer in the middle part of the brisket, close the lid
  20. Allow the kamado to stabilize to a steady temperature of around 225-250°F
  21. Let brisket cook overnight, allow it to reach an internal temperature of 203°F
  22. Once brisket reaches 203°F internal, remove from the grill and wrap in parchment paper, then double wrap in aluminium foil. (optionally add a couple ladles full of juice from the drip pan in the wrapping)
  23. Place wrapped brisket in an ice chest to rest 2-4 hours before slicing
  24. Slice, serve, and enjoy!