There are a number of materials in your kitchen which can destroy that sharp edge of your quality kitchen cutlery. Tile, granite, and marble kitchen counter tops can damage your cutlery. Always remember to use a cutting board when using your kitchen knives. Glass and metal can also cause damage, so don't use your knives directly on these surfaces.

Another device in the kitchen which can damage quality cutlery is your dishwasher. A number of brands advertise that their cutlery is dishwasher-safe, but keep in mind the force of the water can slam your knives' edge against foreign objects. At the same time, exposure to the highly caustic chemicals that are inside your dishwasher can ruin the blade. Always wash your knives in a sink full of hot, soapy water. Make sure your knife is secure, scrub, rinse, and then wipe or air dry.

The best way to store your kitchen cutlery is either a knife block or magnetic wall strip. Simply tossing the knives in a drawer can damage the sharp edge, not to mention possibly cutting your fingers when you reach inside the drawer! Click here to see some great options for storing your kitchen cutlery.

Learn How To Sharpen a Knife

The secret to having quality cutlery that will last for years is remembering to hone your knives frequently. This ensures the blades remain sharp, and it gives your quality cutlery the proper care and maintenance they deserve. Both honing steels and sharpening blocks are excellent ways to sharpen your knives.