Best BBQ Thermometers for 2022

You know that so-called grill hack about testing your meat’s doneness by touch? Or how about waiting for the juices to run clear? If you’ve lived by those techniques, then we hate to burst your bubble: neither is a truly accurate measurement of meat doneness. No, the only foolproof method is with the help of a trusty grill thermometer. The best BBQ thermometers quickly and accurately give readouts of meat’s internal temperature — the only true way to be sure if your meat is done. Any other approach runs the risk of you becoming ill from undercooked food or (even worse, depending on your perspective) overcooking your grill grub. We’d hate for either to happen, so we collected our best grill thermometers in one place for you to quickly shop our top choices. These rankings are based on each thermometer’s quality, performance, features, and value, each of which is explained in greater detail below.

    • Quality - We judge quality according to the strength and longevity of the materials used in construction. In the case of BBQ thermometers, we prize construction that resists prolonged exposure to high heat. Otherwise, what good would a melted thermometer do?

    • Performance - Whether you need a last-minute readout or are monitoring the progress of your cook, thermometer performance comes down to responsiveness and accuracy. If you desire a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth model (more on that in a bit), wireless range also matters.

    • Features - Thermometer features are all about ease of use. That’s why Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are nearly standard at this point — the convenience of wireless monitoring is indispensable — but we also love automatic alerts, simple interfaces, and multi-probe designs.

    • Value - Simply put, value is a combination of quality, performance, and features as it relates to price. We believe those 3 factors give the best overall picture of a product, so it all comes down to one question: are you getting what you’re paying for?

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Best Wi-Fi Thermometer

  • Best
    GrillEye Max

    GrillEye Max Wireless Smart Thermometer

    • Monitor food & grill temps at the same time with up to 8 independent probes
    • GrillEye app lets you monitor food, set timers, and store favorite recipes
    • Drop-resistant body protects the thermometer if it takes a tumble
    • Includes 2 hybrid aluminum probes, allowing you to keep tabs on multiple cooks

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  • Better
    Weber Connect 3201 Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Grilling Hub

    Weber Connect Wi-Fi Enabled Thermometer

    • Weber Connect turns any grill into a smart grill thanks to the Weber App
    • Connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, offering smart functions nearly anywhere
    • Includes 1 meat and 1 ambient probe for monitoring grill and internal temperatures
    • Weber connect app acts as a cooking guide, giving step-by-step grilling assistance

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  • Good
    GrillEye PRO+ Wireless Grilling & Smoker Thermometer w/ 2 Probes

    GrillEye PRO+ Wireless Thermometer

    • GrillEye PRO app alerts you when your food or grill hits the set temperature
    • Choose from default temperatures or create your own to hit your perfect heat
    • Remotely monitor your food with the hybrid Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
    • Includes 2 aluminum probes to help monitor your food or grill temperature

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Best Bluetooth Thermometers

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