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Best Ventless Gas Logs for 2021

  • Warm Up Your Living Room: Natural Gas & Propane Versions Available

    Ventless gas logs are an amazingly effective way to heat your home, but how do you decide on the perfect set for you? We compiled a list of our top rated ventless gas log sets to help you decide. These top rated sets will introduce you to many of the options that are available, including vent type, burner type, size, and log style. Our top rated sets are graded on quality, efficiency, and realism.

    • Best-In-Class - Based on price, quality, features, and more, we've evaluated what our highly rated gas log sets have to offer you.

    • Value - We show you which gas logs give you the most bang for your buck.

    • Realism - Ventless gas logs are best known for their effective heating rather than their realism. The most realistic gas logs have highly detailed molds and are hand-painted for uniqueness. The most realistic and premium ventless gas logs keep both beauty and function in mind.

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    • High definition bark with hand painted details
    • ANSI Certified Vent Free Burner
    • Refractory ceramics which provide radiant heat even after the burner has been turned off
    • Proudly made in the USA

    Prices starting at $443.99*

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  • Rasmussen Evening Embers Ventless Gas Log Set

    Best Premium Ventless Gas Log Set

    Rasmussen Evening Embers Ventless Gas Log Set

    • Handcrafted to represent the complex realism of natural wood
    • Made from the finest refractory ceramics with sturdy steel reinforcement
    • Triple burner design with realistic glowing ember appearance and char chamber
    • Fire tested before leaving the factory and certified to the ANSI standard

    Prices starting at $921.00*

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    • Slope Glaze burner creates realistic flame movement
    • Wood grain and bark that are hand painted to bring out all the details
    • Manufactured in USA
    • Comes with a thermostatic remote that keeps the temperature of the room within 3 degrees Fahrenheit of the user set temperature

    Prices starting at $650.70*

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    • Hand painted details to bring out the details of the gas logs
    • The Empire gas log Contour burner gives you a consistent flame that can be variably adjusted
    • Great gas log set for shallower fireboxes or fireplaces
    • Proudly made in the USA

    Prices starting at $395.10*

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    • Hand painted wood grain and bark details add to realism
    • Designed for easy conversion to remote start up
    • Tested and designed to ANSI standards
    • Integrated Oxygen Depletion System shuts down unit if oxygen levels become unsafe

    Prices starting at $1,358.00*

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    • Wood grain and bark detailing is then hand painted by artisans.
    • Ceramic beads inside the burner tumble the gas to create remarkably realistic flame movement.
    • ANSI Certified for safety.
    • Slope Glaze burner provides 32,000 BTUs of supplemental heat.

    Prices starting at $444.55*

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*Prices and availability subject to change at any time.

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